Artificial snow fell before Uludağ

Artificial snow fell first on Uludag: Despite being one of Turkey's most important winter tourism centers, Uludag, which could not get the share it deserves from tourism due to the short duration of the ski season, the season is getting longer with artificial snow production. Within the scope of the works planned by the Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of making Uludağ a center of attraction for 12 months of the year, an area of ​​​​1 thousand square meters was covered with artificial snow with a 3-day work in the trial application made by the ropeway operation. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, who made an examination on the ski track created with artificial snow, made a pond in the region. kazanHe noted that this pond will both add value to the region and that all tracks will be supported by artificial snow by using the water in the pond.

Bursa, which is one of the most important natural values ​​of Bursa, is not only in winter but also in the 12 month of the year. For the purpose of providing tourism services, the Metropolitan Municipality has made significant investments in every area from infrastructure investments to parking lots, from cruise terraces to sports areas. started. Despite being one of Turkey's most important ski centers of the season, especially in recent years to make enough snow of the season with a short ride on the artificial snow production is slated as Uludag possible extension. Within this scope, Teleferik A.Ş. 1 in the trial application made by 3 thousand square meters of work area was covered with artificial snow. Due to the high density of water compared to normal land, the track, which is not easily melted, is the focus of attention of holidaymakers coming to Uludağ by cable car.

All tracks will be supported
Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, accompanied by the Bursa Teleferik Inc. Chairman Ilker Cumbul and the municipal bureaucrats with artificial snow found the track was found. The way the system works and the trial application that received information from İlker Cumbul Altepe, skiing season due to insufficient snowfall in Uludag in recent years, this method could be extended with the method, he said. In order to make Uludağ a real tourism region, President Altepe stated that they are working hard in every field and said getiren We are planning to produce artificial snow for the purpose of extending the skiing season which is very short. Practices related to this were also made. With the operation of our ropeway, the 1 thousand square meters area was covered with snow in 3 days and this snow is not melting easily. Stay until the end of the season. Those who come to the cable car are happy to see it. We are working to create artificial ski slopes in order to make skiing and increase the attraction. We aim to build a pond that will add value to this region. With water in the pond, we can pump artificial snow to all the tracks. In this way, Uludağ will truly become a ski resort. We will also provide an important added value to the region Bölge.

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