Two separate tenders for a tremendous project in İzmir

Two separate tenders for the gigantic project that will break ground in Izmir transportation: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is implementing a historical project that will break new ground in urban transportation. The tender will be launched next month for a total of 2.5 kilometers long road project, which is planned to connect Konak, Buca and Bornova, with a 7 kilometer deep tunnel. The construction tender will be held on December 20 for the part of the project that will be carried out in two stages, covering the "two tube single tunnel" and on the December 22 for the viaduct part.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will hold two separate construction tenders in December for the project, which is called “Buca-Onat Street and Intercity Bus Terminal and Ring Road Connection Road”, which will also include the longest tunnel in the city. A tender will be held on December 2 for the first phase, which covers the construction of a 500 meter long “two-tube single tunnel”, and on December 20 for the second phase, which covers the construction of 2 viaducts, 2 underpasses and 1 overpass.

The longest tunnel in the city

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality bus station until the new project Homer Avenue, extending from the remaining part of this de Bornova "deep tunnel" will pass. Two tube tunnels with a distance of 2.5 will also be the longest highway tunnel in the city. Tunnel project will be touched through the remaining trees near the road route 250. Another advantage of the deep and double tube tunnel project to be carried out between Buca Ufuk District and Bornova Çamkule is that it eliminates the need for expropriation in this region. The second stage of 900 pieces of viaducts, 2 pieces of underpasses and 2 overpasses will be completed within 1 days after the delivery of the tunnel project.

Urban traffic will relax

The new route that will bring great relief to Izmir traffic will start from Buca Onat Street and extend to the Bus Station, and will pass through the districts of Buca, Bornova and Konak. The new road, which will be opened as a large boulevard, will be opened with a width of 35 meters and a total of six lanes (3 departures - 3 arrivals). Çamlık, Mehtap, İsmetpaşa, Ferahlı, Ulubatlı, Mehmet Akif, Respect, Atamer, Çınartepe, Center, Zafer, Birlik, Koşkavak, Ufuk, Çamkule, Meriç, Yeşilova and Karacaoğlan neighborhoods will be connected to the bus station from Bornova Kemalpaşa Street.



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