Tourists can go on a cable car to Birecik Castle

Tourists will be able to go to Birecik Castle by cable car: In Birecik district of Şanlıurfa, which is advancing rapidly on the road to becoming a tourism city, transportation to the Birecik Fortress, which is challenging the centuries, will also be provided with a cable car.

With the project carried out by Birecik Municipality, Birecik Castle, which has been cleaned from the distorted structures, is planned to become an indispensable attraction center for domestic and foreign tourists when the works are completed.

By revealing the historical and natural beauties of Birecik, aiming to get the share of the district that it deserves from tourism and making great efforts in this direction, Birecik Mayor Faruk Pınarbaşı prepared a very nice project for Birecik Castle and stated that the cable car can be reached soon. 5 star hotel to be built on the Euphrates, the castle will be provided with a cable car access to the castle, he said.

Pınarbaşı said that they had completely destroyed the houses behind the castle and they were doing landscaping in these places.

On the castle cafes, restaurants and cruise hills will transfer Pınarbaşı, local and foreign tourists coming to our district, breakfast in the castle cafes and restaurants, sipping tea, coffee, watching the unique beauty of the Euphrates said.

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