Logistic village support to Kocaeli industry

Logistic village support for Kocaeli industry: Kocaeli, the industrial city, is preparing to stand out in the logistics sector. With the 2 logistics village to be established in Gebze and İzmit-Kartepe-Gölcük line, the load capacity of the city will be increased from 600 to 1.5 million tons.

Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce (KOTO) Chairman of the Board of Semih Barış, Gebze and Izmit-Kartepe-Gölcük line to be established in the two logistics villages, transportation networks with the integration of the load capacity of Kocaeli 600 thousand tons will reach a thousand tons, he said.

Expressing that the logistics village will be the biggest logistics center of Kocaeli in the center of Kartepe-Köseköy, Barış said, in This project will further strengthen the position of Kocaeli's economy and industrial city. When we took office, we reported all projects that were not finalized and we took them to our program. The logistics village of Köseköy, the epicenter, was planned to be built by sea, iron and highway connections. We have a highway and a north road highway. We also have a living city, but the highway here had no connection with the city. Trucks were forced into the north highway, but the trucks did not leave the port. For example, there was no entry and exit from the trucks, then the project was completed with the renovation. The bureaucratic procedures on this issue continue. One of the biggest building blocks that keeps the economy alive is logistic support. Ekonom

Its 35 harbor with Turkey in Kocaeli 4 meets one of the xnumx't of ship traffic Gebze and 2023 railway line reached Istanbul and 4 as well as the high-speed train links North Marmara and West Black Sea Highway, Gulf Crossing and Gebze Orhangazi with highway projects noting that access to the region will increase access to the Peace, "Our city will be the base of transportation," he said. In the current foreign trade structure, Kocaeli, indicating that the handling of container traffic in Turkey occurred in xnumx't someone Izmit Bay Chamber of Commerce Chairman Semih peace, "the developing foreign trade in the framework of 1 vision of emerging as a necessity; Dubai Port, Belde AŞ and Kocaeli Port projects will increase 3 by 2023 by 2020. Çık

Kocaeli should be the world's least recognized 100 brand

Noting that the most important factor in economic relations is production, Barış said, “The brands of various countries operate in Kocaeli. Our brands are not recognized in other countries. Kocaeli has all kinds of infrastructure, raw material and logistics facilities. Kocaeli must have at least 100 internationally recognized brands, ”he said. Emphasizing that Kocaeli should come to the forefront with its tourism as well as being an industrial city, Barış said, “We should also attach great importance to tourism. We are in a position that is suitable for sea, mountain and cultural tourism. The foothills of the Samanlı Mountains are almost paradise. "We are also suitable for agriculture because we have many products such as apples, grapes and hazelnuts."

2023 year export target 50 billion dollars

KOTO President Semih Peace, Kocaeli end of 2015 of 11,85 percent of the country's exports, noting that the country imports 20,68 Perform, "We have met the third by 2015 percent of total tax revenues in 10,58, Turkey 2023 We are at the top of the list of cities that will contribute the most to achieving its goals. Kocaeli aims to reach an export of around 2023 billion dollars in 50. We export to many countries of the world. Our vision is wide, ”he said. Noting that the vehicles and sub-industry, chemistry and petrochemical, machinery, plastic and iron and steel sectors stand out in Kocaeli, Barış said,“ In the manufacturing industry, our chemical industry ranks first with a share of 27 percent. 4 major automotive companies in Kocaeli, Turkey meets 2015 percent of vehicle production in 32. The share of these companies in automotive exports is 35 percent. The sea vehicles and yacht industry is also developing in the city, ”he said.

We will follow KOTO members with 3 system

KOTO's 2 bin 500 close to many members of the peace stating that the hanging, N This is because the address changes. We will detect and track members with 3-sized, camera system. Due to the change of address, we can visually follow our members in the 7 district, which we cannot identify. With the computer we will be able to see the location of our member. In the visualization of the system, 6 will be eaten monthly. Thus, we will strengthen our relations with our members. Our work on the project is currently in progress a he said.

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