thyssenkrupp Elevator, unveiled targets

ThyssenKrupp Elevator has announced its goal: continue to serve as CEO stating that the scope of next year's targets of Charlemagne, the bottom of the growth occurring in the construction market drew in Turkey.

In the product group, thyssenkrupp Elevator, which includes passenger elevators, freight elevators, escalators and walking belts, gave information about the next 4 growth plans for the year.

Turgay Şarlı, who has been working as CEO since 2014, made the following statements:
“We are one of the leading lift companies with our customers in 150 countries and more than 50 thousand qualified employees. We design and manufacture innovative products with low energy consumption to meet the demands of our customers. We serve more than 900 locations around the world. We maintain close communication with our customers during and after sales. "

Ercan Keleş, CFO of thyssenkrupp Elevator AG, said: “We are pleased to announce that our contract with Turgay Şarlı will be renewed. This process is of great importance we attach to the Turkey market and highlights our major goals for the coming year. "

The number of elevators in use in 2015 to 520 thousand in Turkey being equal, this number will rise to 560 thousand by the end of the year. As thyssenkrupp Elevator, our goals for the next 4 years are enormous. Urbanization rate to reach 2021% by 80; With the establishment of new urban transformation projects, airports, hospitals and shopping centers, the number of units that will be set up and put into service will reach 200 thousand. As thyssenkrupp Elevator, we have completed all preparations to become a part of the rapid growth in the market. Our innovative projects, our employees and qualified customer service professionals, our goal thanks to our approach, until 2021 in Turkey is to become a leading market position.

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