Tereferik Drummers in the Storm Maintenance

Maintenance from the cable car storms in the storm: The cable car, which provides transportation to Uludağ, was taken to annual maintenance before the winter season. Despite the wind blowing at 90 kilometers per hour, technical teams who took care of the cable car climbed up to masts high and brought hearts to their mouths.

The cable car line carrying passengers between Bursa and Uludağ was taken care of. 14 day will be started to allow tourists and Bursalis to leave Uludağ safely before the opening of the winter tourism season. All the cabins and stations are serviced with 20 masts varying in height from 45 to 45 meters at the ropeway where high-level security measures are taken and only trained and certified personnel are employed. After the completion of periodic maintenance and test drives Teferrüç, Sarıalan line will enter service at the beginning of next week, the other line up to the hotels in the region will enter the beginning of the next week said.

Trained and certified personnel, the speed of the 90 kilometers per hour in the lodos, meters of height of the poles continue maintenance work. Teams from time to time due to the storm was reflected in the cameras to live difficult times. Citizens to serve as soon as possible in spite of the strong wind working teams taking security measures, said they would finish maintenance as soon as possible.

Working at the cable car maintenance team, Ali Ateş said, yıllık We perform the annual maintenance of the cable car. We prioritize passenger safety. You have to maintain the lift, even in difficult conditions. We look at these facilities as we are. Our weekly and monthly periodical maintenance continues. There is also annual maintenance. We have to take care of the severe blowing lodos. We are working with the necessary safety measures. ”

Operating engineer Erdek Şenyurt said, “Teleferik A.Ş. as winter preparatory care. We will finish the maintenance of the line between Teferrüç and Sarıalan this weekend. This line of transportation will begin from the beginning of next week. The work between Sarıalan and the hotels region will end at the beginning of the following week. Our teams do all the maintenance of the lines. These treatments are regularly carried out every year for our guests to travel more comfortably, comfortably and safely ”.

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