Strike Measures from İZBAN


Strike measures from İZBAN: Following the decision on the strike on Tuesday, following the failure to reach a consensus on collective bargaining agreements between İZBAN and Demiryol-İş, İZBAN A.Ş. explained the measures to be taken to prevent the citizens.

In Izmir, which is an important role in urban transportation, after the convention of collective bargaining negotiations in İZBAN, 8 from the Railroad-Trade Union announced that a strike will be held on November Tuesday. and a series of measures were taken during the strike.

İZBAN A.Ş. In a written statement made by lam İZBAN A.Ş. and the ongoing 3 between the railway and the trade union. In the period of collective bargaining negotiations, despite all efforts of our organization; the union rejected our offers. For this reason, the collective bargaining agreement was not signed and the union, 8 November 2016 decided to strike on Tuesday N said.

Kabul The proposal of our institution in the collective bargaining negotiations is much higher than the wage increase for inflation by civil servants and public workers, yapılan he continued. 7 November 2016 If the union does not give up this insistence until Monday evening, the following information has been made to the public in order to minimize the grievances of our passengers.

  • Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, by mobilizing all the means during the strike, ESHOT and İZULAŞ bus routes on İZBAN route will increase.
  • Ferry services to IZDENIZ will be increased.
  • It would be useful for our passengers, who would prefer to use their private vehicles, in the early hours by taking the traffic density that might occur. Özel

In order to keep the wage increase, the reasonable prices of the passengers and the new train set for the opening of Selçuk line by taking into account the new investments and the calculation of all the conditions, mek move to be accepted, our city and our employees will adversely affect the decision of the decision of the decision to give up as soon as possible, we will submit to the knowledge of the public in Izmir.

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