Transportation hike in court was a court

Transportation hike in Bursa was a court: CHP Bursa deputy Erkan Aydın applied to the court for the cancellation of public transportation in Bursa.

Burulaş in recent days, the mass transportation to the percentage of the response to the CHP Bursa deputy Erkan Aydin reacted to the raise, appealed to the court to stop the execution. Erkan Aydın, who applied to the administrative court in the district of Nilüfer, demanding the suspension of the execution, said, ger While we should not make commercial profit from public transportation, we want to take the conscience of the supreme Turkish justice and stop the execution from the fact that the citizens can benefit from public transportation free of charge as in some developed countries. When we look at the rate hike today, the transportation fee in Bursaray comes to 15 lira 2 penny. 60 lira 2 kuruş in Ankara is the 35 lira 2 in Istanbul; Although longer transport lines in the city, Bursa is Turkey's most expensive transportation. We demand the benefit of the public and take it back. This transportation is not obligatory for a low income citizen. When a person enters the metro from the obligatory, when he receives a disposable card, he pays 30 and 4. He can't undo the deposit. In other words, 1 travels to the lyre with a disposable transportation card. The 5 family will pay 4 TL on arrival when the family gets on the subway. 40 will burn gas if it goes by car to this distance. Public transportation should be more convenient, on the contrary, more expensive, Toplu he said.



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