Samulaş General Manager Kadir Gürkan, Samsun IMG members in his office

📩 12/12/2018 18:31

Samulaş General Manager Kadir Gürkan hosted Samsun IMG members in his office: Samsun Internet Media Group members visited Samulaş General Manager Kadir Gürkan in his office. Stating that Samsun has come a long way in rail system transportation and the rail system adds great value to the vision and brand value of the city, Gürkan said, 'In the rail system, we are currently serving until Tekkeköy. Our biggest goal is to bring the rail system to Ondokuz Mayıs University. When we achieve this, our costs will decrease and the brand value of Samsun city will increase, he said.

As a result of the meticulous research we made instead of the tram imported with great costs from abroad, a local company doing this job in Bursa Durmazlar Stating that they have an agreement with the company, Gürkan said, 'In this way, we have earned 700 thousand Euros for the budget of our municipality. We bought the tram, which we bought for 2.3 million Euros before, for 1.6 million Euros from the local company. He said that the company that produced the first local tram, Silkworm, also produced a tram named Panorama for Samsun.

Stating that the local tram panorama has started to serve the people of Samsun, Gürkan said that the new tramway has a much more comfortable and wide usage area. Very special studies have been carried out in the tram for the disabled to get on the vehicle. Maintenance and repair times are also much shorter. Upon the opening of our new line, we bought a local tram at 8 pm. Our first domestic tram has arrived, we have done its test and we have started to carry passengers.

We made a great profit from the software program

Explaining that Samulaş took action to establish a new system when the monitoring and tracking program used on the tram line, which was put into service on October 10, 2010, was insufficient, Gürkan said that as a result of the study, the cost of programs belonging to foreign companies reached approximately 10 million TL We decided to create a program. We immediately took action to develop a new local monitoring and tracking software and program with the cooperation of Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University and Samsun Technopark. The prepared software was completed within 100 months at a cost of 3 thousand TL. Rail System Monitoring and Tracking Program 'started to be used on Samsun tram line 6 months ago. Thanks to the software, the light rail system line 'Traffic Control Center' was instantly provided with information about the distance between the trams, the location of the tram, which lap the tram used, whether the drivers comply with the speed limits set on the route, the shift list of the tram and the attendants to be assigned.

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