Samulaş General Manager Kadir Gürkan, Samsun IMG members in his office

Samulaş General Manager Kadir Gürkan welcomed Samsun IMG members in his office: Samsun Internet Media Group members visited Samulaş General Manager Kadir Gürkan in his office. Rail system transport in Samsun has traveled a great way and the city's vision and brand value of the rail system that adds great value Gürkan, 'Rail system is currently serving until Tekkeköy. Our biggest goal is to bring the rail system to Ondokuz Mayis University. When we achieve this, both our costs will decrease and the brand value of Samsun city will increase.

As a result of meticulous researches we have done instead of tram which is imported from abroad with high costs, we Durmazlar Gürkan stating that they agreed with the company, 'In this way, the municipality's budget 700 thousand euros have saved money. We purchased the tram, which we had previously purchased for 2.3 million Euros, for 1.6 million Euros from the local company. The first local tram produced the silkworm, a tram called Samsun for Panorama.

Gürkan says that the local tram panaroma has started to serve to the people of Samsun and the new trams have a much more comfortable and wide usage area. Very special work has been done in the tram for the disabled. Maintenance and repair times are also much shorter. On the opening of our new line, we bought the local tram at 8. Our first local tram arrived, we did the test and began to carry passengers said.

We made a great profit from the software program

10 October 2010 in the tram line used by the monitoring and monitoring program is insufficient to establish a new system to establish a new system by mentioning the act of Gürkan Gürkan, As a result of the study of the cost of foreign companies to find the approximate cost of 10 million TL due to inadequate domestic software due to a new We decided to create a program. With the cooperation of Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University and Samsun Teknopark, we immediately acted for a new local monitoring and monitoring software and program. The prepared software was completed in 100 months at a cost of 3 thousand TL. Rail System Monitoring and Tracking Program '6 started to be used in Samsun tram line months ago. Thanks to the software, the light rail system 'Traffic Control Center was given instantaneous information about the distance between the trams, the location of the trolley, the location of the tram, the conditions on the route of the citizens, the list of the shifts of the tram, and the citizens who would be able to work.

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