The button was pressed to open the tram in Samsun Samsu

The button was pressed to open the tram in Samsun: In the meeting of the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Assembly, the budget budget of 2017 of the Metropolitan Municipality and districts was accepted as 1 billion 967 million 970 thousand 236 TL.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Council 2016 November 19. The first session of the merger was made by the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Turan Çakır, in the assembly hall of the Metropolitan Municipality Building. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, SASKİ and all district municipalities, including the budgets of the 64 agenda article was accepted by vote.

The maximum budget is 770 million TL with the Metropolitan Municipality. Metropolitan Municipality of 380 million lira with the SASKİ and 255 million was followed by Ilkadim Municipality.

Pushed button for tram

The article on the release of the rail system to Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMÜ), which was on the agenda, was also passed by the commission. Deputy Chairman Turan Çakır, who made a statement on the subject, said, “We made the plans for the tramway route to OMU and we agreed with OMU. Our technical team started engineering calculations. We will start the excavation and filling operations by obtaining the legal permissions on the route. We will take the tram to the dormitories. It will take a while, but the button was pressed with today's decision of the parliament, ”he said.

The 64 article adopted in the Commission, 14 will be discussed on Monday, November at the Metropolitan Municipality Council meeting.

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