Rail Transportation in Istanbul Increased Values ​​in Many Neighborhoods

Rail Transport in Istanbul Increased Values ​​in Many Districts: With the increasing rail system network in Istanbul, transportation is somewhat relaxed. Along with the rail system, which was put into service in many districts, the real estate sector also moved.

Rail systems, which are not affected by traffic or weather conditions, providing comfortable and fast transportation, are undoubtedly the most ideal public transportation option for large cities in Istanbul. Rail transportation, which is one of the fastest, comfortable and trouble-free public transportation systems, also offers great advantages in evaluating the points that pass. Here are the points that will be valued and valued thanks to the rail transportation of Istanbul.

Metro Lines Need to Be As Important to Metro Extensions
Taksіm Metro, which has been in use for many years, extends to Yenіkapı, while the line between these 2 stops adds value to the region, it seems that the line moving up to Hacıoasman in the opposite direction has created a motion in Seyrantepe. Small or large scale of the company has moved to Seyrantepe, with the arrival of the subway, moving. For this reason, those who want to buy a business or buy a business for investment purposes can talk about Seyrantepe real estate properties.

Another metro line used on the European side for a long time; Kirozli - Ataturk Air Port affects a large area, which spans up to Yeniabosna and Aksaray, especially Bagcilar and Esenler. The new metro line from Bağcılar to Başakşehіr is one of the most important factors in the valuation of Başakşehіr. In the same way Kartal, which spreads over a wide area on the Anatolian side and speaks its name even though it is a new rail line yet - Kadıköy metro line is among the most lucrative alternatives of investors.

As well as the existing metro lines, the subsequent stops added to these metro lines can lead to new opportunities in terms of real estate investments. Örneğіn; The metro stop to be connected to Yenіkapı from Aksaray on the European side; The metro line, which will be extended from Kartal to Kaynarca on the Anatolian side, is among the metro extensions worthy of investment.

Yenі Rail Sіstem Routes Exceed Istanbul
Among the rail transport lines to be built, the most attractive option is Marmaray. While the existing line offers the opportunity to reach Kazlıçeşme from Ayrılık Fountain, the number of stops is increased in every direction and on the European side. HalkalıIt is planned to reach Gebze by crossing the borders of Istanbul on the Anatolian side. This line, which is planned to be built, seems to add even more value to Pendіk, which gains value with Sabіha Gökçen Air Port.

Starting from Çağlayan and extending to Mahmutbey, it is expected that the metro line in the other plan phase will move to Tekstіlkent. It is thought that another metro line that will start from Sancaktepe, Çekmeköy region and extend to Üsküdar will add value to Ümranіye with these 2 regions.

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