Sapanca Lake Izmit Bay ropeway project has reached the tender stage

📩 24/11/2018 16:54

Sapanca Lake Izmit Bay ropeway project came to tender stage: Sapanca Lake Izmit Bay ropeway project, which has been dreaming for many years, came to tender stage.

With the project in question, one of the most beautiful places of Eastern Marmara, Sapanca Lake and Izmir Bay, will be viewed from the top through the ropeway line and Kartepe Ski Facilities located on the Samanlı Mountains will be reached.

According to the information given by the Mayor of Kartepe, Hüseyin Üzülmez, the cable car line will be completed at 2 Etap. The first part will be built in the Derbent neighborhood of İzmit. This is the starting point of the cable car in this part of a luxury hotel will be built. Starting from the Derbent neighborhood, the cable car will rise along the 4.7 kilometer line and reach the Kuzuyayla region, the highest point of the Saman Mountains.

In the Sapanca Lake, the cable car line runs through the forests that host hundreds of species of trees and a unique landscape of nature.

Kartepe Ski Facilities at the summit will be much more mobile with the mentioned cable car line. The second leg of the ropeway project, which will make a major contribution to regional tourism, will be a four-and-a-half-kilometer line starting at Seka camp and passing through Sapanca Lake, returning to Derbent. The cable car cabins, which will operate continuously on the cable car line, will be made to receive maximum 10 people.

Abundant tourists from Arab countries are expected to come when the project is finished. Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez said that after the water skiing in Sapanca Lake, snow skiing can be done in Kartepe in the summer day.

President Uzulmez Sapanca Lake Izmit said they prepared all necessary infrastructure files for the tender of the Gulf cable car line, specifying the day to receive from the Public Procurement Agency, Sapanca Lake Izmit Bay ropeway line to work in the spring of 2017 will begin in the project is planned to be completed in a year and a half.