Scaffolds began to emerge in the seagull project

Piers started to appear in the Seagull project: Istanbul Kabataş construction started on the beach Kabataş Transfer Center Project continues at full speed. Due to the pier area, whose wings are designed as an open seagull, the project is also known as the Seagull Project, and piling operations for the piers that will extend towards the sea continue to be exposed.

When viewed from the air, it is seen that the scaffolds extending towards the sea are gradually forming. Sea bus, ferry and sea bus piers will be renewed in the project.

Kabataş What's in the Transfer Center Project?

The project, which was designed by Architect Hakan Kıran in 2005, was decided to add subway in 2016. The gull-shaped pier area is only one thousand 300 square meters. The whole area is more than 100 thousand square meters with the green area. The height of the pier area is 9,5 meters. It is not possible for the project to close the silhouette. In the transition areas at the bottom and top, there will be units to meet the needs of passengers such as buffet, patisserie, newspaper, tea and coffee sales. These units are also intended to ensure that the space and the space live. Kabataş Pier, Kabataş-Taksim funicular line and Mahmutbey, the construction of which started.Kabataş the metro line will be integrated. According to the project, the need for a major square in the region will be met and a square of 10 thousand square meters will be created. It will leave the green tape on the coastline to the pedestrian without interruption. In this way, narrow pavements surrounded by iron, where thousands of people are trying to reach the tram or the pier, will become history.

The project is expected to build museums, exhibition halls and car parks. It is planned to make units such as buffets, patisseries and newsagents to meet their needs in the transition areas above and below.

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