Is the New Ankara YHT Station Really Accessible?

Where is Ankara YHT Station? How to get to Ankara YHT Station?
Where is Ankara YHT Station? How to get to Ankara YHT Station?

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that Ankara YHT Station is an unimpeded station for the disabled and continued his words as follows:

Ankara YHT Station all things related to people with disabilities have been considered. We have a 2 elevator. One of our 27 toll booths is an unobstructed box office for the disabled who is most easily accessible. There is a nice application made by our State Railways. We received a list of all persons with disabilities from the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and uploaded them to the system. When someone calls the phone, when I say I'm disabled, it is automatically checked from the list, the person's transactions are done automatically. There is no need for the person to arrive in advance or send a ticket to another person. In this garda and other HRCs, he said that we are doing the systems that will allow people with disabilities to think in the end, and to allow them to benefit from it in an unimpeded way.

Everything is fine so far, so how will a disabled person get to this station?

RayHABER As a member of the family and a disabled person, I wanted to see Ankara YHT Station on these beautiful statements of our Minister of Transport and examine this great project on site.

I wanted to take the bus from Kızılay to the YHT station in order to reach Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station. Since the two incoming buses are not suitable for disabled people, I decided to go to the YHT station via the subway. I got on the Batıkent metro from Kızılay and got off at Ulus station of the metro. I arrived at the old TCDD Train Station after a short walk through the youth park. I told the officials at the station that I wanted to go to the new YHT station.The authorities stated that it is possible to pass the underpass from the old station to the new station, but the stair lift is out of order, there is a battery-powered wheelchair under you, you will get around a little, but you can reach the YHT station this way.

Leaving the old train station, I arrived at that great YHT station in Ankara, dancing the way described by the road, sometimes from the sidewalk, sometimes from the motor vehicle road, with the cars in the traffic. Yes, after all the difficulties, the YHT station was before me with all its majesty and beauty.

In order to enter the YHT station building, I looked for a disabled ramp on the sidewalk, which was quite high along the way, but in vain it was not possible to enter that great Ankara YHT station, because it was necessary to leave the pavement first to enter the station building. They forgot to build a ramp to the sidewalk to enter the building, which Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan said was an unimpeded station for the disabled. At that moment, I remembered the incidents that took place during the first presentation of the Devrim car and the words of Cemal Pasha, "We built a car with Garp's head, we forgot to pour gas with an oriental head".

I went to the workers who arranged the landscaping around Ankara YHT Station and explained the situation. They said they could help me if I wanted me there was no ramp. I climbed the sidewalk with the help of the workers.

In the end, I entered the station immediately because I had a chance to examine a project I was very curious about.

I visited the Ankara YHT Station, yes, it was really suitable for the disabled in every aspect. Handicapped booths, elevators, handicapped washbasins were very well thought and made, I was very proud.

Before I left the guard, I talked to the authorities about the problem with the entrance. They told me that there are some shortcomings and that they will be solved as soon as possible. I got out of the guard, again with the help of my fellow workers, I stepped down from the sidewalk and headed towards my house.

I hope that everything will be better when I go back to visit the place. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this great building.

Günceleme: 20/12/2020 13:13

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