New tram line opened in Lviv by Turkish construction company

A new tram line opened in Lviv, built by the Turkish construction company: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development provided 6 million euros in the city of Lviv in Ukraine, the opening of the new rapid tram line to the financing support of the European Union and German Ministry of Ecology.

In Lviv, a Turkish construction company Onur İnşaat realized the new tramway project. the opening of the tram line manager of the Republic of Turkey and the European Union's ambassador to Tezel Can Kiev Ukrainian delegation head, Ambassador Hugues Mingarell also attended.

With the investments made in Lviv, public transport was made more environmentally friendly, efficient and efficient. Speaking at the opening of Lviv's new tramway project, European Bank of Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Turkish banker Şevki Acuner, President of Ukraine, said that the 25 annual dream of the city has been fulfilled with the opening today. said that it was transported in an environmentally friendly manner.

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