Anatolian Movement in Logistics

The Anatolian Movement in Logistics: The government's incentives to the investor make Anatolia a new production center. Some producers in Istanbul, Kocaeli and Bursa started to invest in Anatolia. Many manufacturers in Anatolia have come to compete with their rivals in the big city. This situation attracted the attention of the logistics sector, which is an important pillar of exports. Batu International Logistics took the first investment in Anatolia in 2017 investment plans. There will be many branches in different cities, warehouse investment will be made.
In recent years, the government began to shift towards Anatolia with the incentives offered to investors. At the same time, important companies in Anatolia have also competed with competitors in big cities. Central Anatolia, especially Konya, is one of the regions where industrialization is rising. This rise attracted the attention of the logistics sector.
Closely following the industrialization and production growth in Anatolia, Batu International Logistics is preparing to invest in Anatolia next year. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company Taner Ankara, Anatolian cities will strengthen their organization announced.
Warehouse Investment in Anatolia is First!
Turkey's production and a large part of the exports realized from voicing Taner Ankara Marmara region, mainly in the logistics sector therefore investment in this region, he said. However, with the becoming a production center of Anatolia, the logistics sector will start to move to this region indicating that Taner Ankara, in the coming periods, plans to invest in warehouses in Anatolia announced.
Stating that they will make leaps and bounds in Anatolia in the coming year, Taner Ankara emphasized that they can also share their know-how by combining their expertise with the companies that know the region well.
Protect Your Priority!
In 2016, Taner Ankara said that in 2017, the primary targets in XNUMX would be to protect the previous year's figures.



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