Level Blocking Wall

Wall blocking the sight at the level crossing: Near the railway station in the old district center of Battalgazi, near the level crossing, the retaining wall built by TCDD next to the level crossing poses a great danger for vehicles using the highway in the direction of Toygar, and this threat must be demolished and eliminated. .

In Eskimalatya Railway Station located in the Dolamantepe Quarter Bahçe Sokak, there is a level crossing between Eskimalatya and the neighborhoods connected to Eskimalatya Train Station. reportedly built. Due to the fact that the retaining wall, which was built last summer, completely obstructs the view, the barrier, etc. It was reported that the level crossing without physical obstacles caused the passage to become completely insecure.

TCDD, as soon as possible by demolishing the concrete curtain wall, level crossing to create the opportunity to provide traffic safety is expressed by local residents.

57302 FV 44 FV 383, the locomotive in the direction of XNUMX, going from Elazığ to Malatya in September, collided with the car under the direction of XNUMX, Murat Karakuş was injured in the car and the vehicle was damaged.




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