IZBAN Workers' demands are accepted

IZBAN Workers 'demands are accepted, our victimization should come to an end: IZBAN strike, which left behind the day of the Izmirliler who talk about the Izmir, the management of workers' demands to accept the IZBAN urged to end the victimization.

Although Izmir Metropolitan Municipality increased bus and ferry flights to neutralize the strike, additional lines could not lift Izmir's burden. İZBAN management did not accept the demands of the workers of Izmir has been victimized. In order to go to their jobs and schools, the people of İzmir had to travel both early and on busier and busier busses.


We talked to the İzmirites who were waiting at the stops about the ongoing İZBAN strike. Berna Balcı stated that he has justified the strike of the employees of İZBAN. Let employees of İZBAN do whatever they need, extend more if they want and get their rights. We always stand by the worker and the laborer. I find their strikes right. I'm pulling the difficulty, but the end of this difficulty is no problem, "he said. Balcı said that the workers between the management of İZBAN and the union could not reach an agreement. They should put an end to this by giving workers their rights. Because the people really have difficulty. A compromise should be reached as soon as possible, Bir he said.


Zeki Şahin who stated that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality should give the requests of the employees of İZBAN, said: B People are infamous. There are so many people at the station. Hard work of the people. They went on strike for their wages. The municipality was giving 15 a little more than they want to say that the public has become this because it has little left to give it. Let them find what they want or find a solution. If the municipality has to provide the people with convenient transportation, they will fulfill their wishes. If there is any conflict, this is the job of the municipality. Why did we choose them? N

"I know the employees are right," said Hamza Gul, the municipality should take measures in advance for this victimization, he said. Gul said, malı The municipality should take a measure knowing how many machinists will go on strike and the main arteries of İZBAN lines. Here, on the one hand, the workers who demand the return of their labor, we are the victims, we are the victims. I see the inability of the municipal administration to do so. A common path can be found, Bir he said. Ünal Baghdad said that he had arrived from Foça to the center by changing the vehicle to 5. Okay, I agree, I'm not saying anything about a strike for the rights of the worker. The employer should take the right, but the employer has to take the measure, İşçi he said.

'Recognize the rights of workers'

Yavuz Atan: İZBAN workers are fighting for their rights. I know they are on strike to improve wages and improve some working conditions. Metropolitan Municipality and İZBAN management know the rights of workers and everyone should relax.

Mehmet Masakoğlu: Rights holders are looking for their rights. It may be a strike, but I do not agree that the İZBAN lines are completely canceled. It must have been a ring, but the workers should look for it.


Günceleme: 12/12/2018 18:25

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