In Kayseri, the student was hit by a tram to service 7 injured

A tram hit the student service in Kayseri 7 injured: 7 people were injured as a result of the collision between the student service and the tram in Kayseri. While the first response to the injured was made at the scene, they were later taken to the surrounding hospitals. Police teams, on the other hand, made investigations at the accident site by ensuring road safety.
7 people were injured in the accident in which the tram and the student service collided in Kayseri.
According to the information obtained, the tram used by Enis A., working on the Doğu Sanayi - Organized line, collided with the student service plate 30 S 54, driven by Yahya D., who was 38 years old, in the accident that occurred on 06181 Ağustos Street and Sivas Street intersection in Kocasinan district. While the tram derailed due to the severity of the collision, İlknur G. (10), Fatma Z. (10), Halime V. (10), Zehra M. (10), Azranur D. (10), who were in the service together with the driver of the student bus and the coach, were injured. . Those injured in the accident were taken to hospitals in the city by ambulances and treated. While the road was closed to traffic for a while due to the accident, the tram traffic was also disrupted. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality helped citizens to avoid victims by buses. Police teams made investigations at the accident site by ensuring road safety.



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