Traffic Arrangement for Kaşıyaka Tram Works

Traffic Arrangement for Kaşıyaka Tramway Works: 8.83 km long, with 14 stations in order to ease the transportation of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Karşıyaka tram and Konak tram line with 12.6 km length 19 station is under construction.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality offers a contemporary dimension to urban transportation. kazandiracak Konak and Karşıyaka tram projects continue at an intense pace. Planned to start trial flights from the New Year Karşıyaka As part of the works on the tram, temporary traffic arrangements will be made on Caher Dudayev Boulevard at the junction in the region (gas station) where Koçtaş is located. With the regulation, the traffic flow will be reduced from three lanes to two lanes in 70 meters of the boulevard, but there will be no change in the current traffic arrangement. However, the direction of going to Çiğli on the part of 8291 Sokak between Caher Dudayev Boulevard and 8291/1 Street will be closed to traffic. The vehicles that will go to Çiğli from this region will be directed to Caher Dudayev Boulevard via 8291/1 Sokak and 6524 Sokak. The works, which will start on Thursday, November 24, are planned to be completed within 20 days.

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