İZBANda began to strike

Strikes started in İZBAN: Workers started striking after the contract negotiations between Demiryol-İş Union and İZBAN A.Ş.

İZBAN workers struck this morning because of the failure to reach an agreement in the negotiations between Demiryol-İş Trade Union and İZBAN AŞ.

With the line extending from the north to the south of Izmir and the backbone of the public transportation in Izmir, İZBAN is carrying an average of 350 passengers every day. A large number of workers work at the minimum wage in İZBAN, where the union member 305 worker is working, while the mechanics are employed at a wage lower than the hunger limit.


Demirdiş-İş İzmir Branch Financial Secretary Hamdullah Giral stated that there are 105 workers working at minimum wage in İZBAN and that the highest wage is gross 2 thousand 56 liras. Machinistının 1500 pounds, indicating that the gross gross salary Giral, İZBAN management said that the public misinformation with his explanation. Giral, olduğun İZBAN management proposals, inflation figure and civil servants and public workers are much higher than wage increases, he says. But these people are taking minimum wages and they don't say that. Ama Giral stated that the first offers in the TİS draft were reduced to the level of 1600 and that the offer of İZBAN is 1990. Workers who are employed at a wage below the hunger limit has fallen, the workers went home to their homes uneasily expressed Giral, çalıştır We do not want 24 percent. We want her to give her child a little more allowance if she has a little better quality of life. The neti of this comes from the 11 lyre. We wanted 100 days which is our 1734 day bonus. There is a 80-90 day bonus within the Metropolitan Municipality. Büyük


In the statement made by IZBAN AS, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, mobilizing all the means during the strike on the route of İZBAN ESHOT and İZULAŞ bus service will increase. . It would be beneficial for our passengers, who will prefer to use their private vehicles, in the early hours by taking the traffic density that may occur, 'said the statement, which will be increased by the ferry service of İZDENİZ.

In the event that the demands of İZBAN employees are met, the warning that this can be reflected on the passenger tickets is also covered in a statement. We hope that the wage increase rate will be accepted and accepted by the Railway-İş Union, and that we will give up our decision to strike, which will affect our city and our employees in a negative way, and give it to the public of İzmir public opinion yap.



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