The interview did not result, İZBAN's strike continues

The result of the interview, the strike is ongoing İZBAN: İZBAN strike 7. continues on. The last meeting between the union and İZBAN management failed to reach an agreement, the workers 'continued strike' he said.

In the strike of IZBAN, which started with equal pay for equal work, 7. entered the day. During the last meeting between the union and İZBAN management, no agreement was reached and the workers decided to continue the strike. The union emphasized that no new proposal was made at the last meeting, while the Mayor Kocaoğlu also claimed that the workers were managed by another 'hand.'

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD's joint company İZBAN organized an organized agreement between the union of employers and the employers of Trade Union TISD negotiations could not be reached and 304 İZBAN workers went on strike last Tuesday. In İZBAN, where strike participation is complete, transportation is carried out only through subcontracted workers between Aliağa and Çiğli.

At the weekend, union representatives and İZBAN management sat down for the last time. According to the latest offer of IZBAN, the employee's previously presented 3 performance premiums were included in this time. While the article on the remedy of the wage differences previously proposed by the Demiryol-İş Trade Union was not accepted this time, the parties left without agreeing with the table. The last offer of IZBAN was the increase of 15 in the first year and the increase of the bonus from 70 to 75 in the first year, the increase in inflation in the second year and the increase of 1 and the increase of the bonus to 80.


The damage that occurred in the one week IZBAN strike was well above the raise rate of the workers. The total cost for workers in the first year of hike demands is around 650 thousand TL. Daily forecast revenue of IZBAN is around 270 thousand TL. The damage caused by the strike is about 6 for 1 million 620 thousand TL.


Hüseyin Ervüz, Head of the Izmir Branch of the Turkish Railways and Trade Union, said, bir There is no change in the situation. This year, the children's premium offered to us previously included in the salary. However, the rate of the increase in the rate of 15'in again did not come out, our requests were rejected. It is not possible to reach an agreement under these conditions. We will continue the strike. İZBAN will not work until the contract is signed and our requests are fulfilled. It is the attitude of the company that brings the process here. Right now the strike has no chance to end. Our demands and İZBAN's damage is obvious. The damage caused was higher than the floor we wanted. This is not the worker responsible for the İZBAN managers, u he said.


Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu also made a statement about the İZBAN strike at an opening on Sunday. Claiming that the hands that extend from somewhere want to stop the transportation of İzmir, Kocaoğlu said, “Whatever we do, we encounter resistance. cheapest means of transport in Turkey, providing you with 90 minutes to transmit a single ticket Istanbul and Ankara with incomparable investment in the rail system in your power, you make your own resources, you can set up roadblocks in your way. Now I want to announce that we are facing an organization that wants to put us in a bottleneck and to draw a political interest in IZBAN, Metro tomorrow, maybe the next day at ESHOT. The suffering of the Izmirians hurt me. It upset me. Political rent does not upset the person waiting. I invite all our Izmir nationals to be awake and to see what is done and why. ”


On the other hand, in İZBAN strike, there was a similar development in the process of the TİSK of İZENERJİ workers. İZBAN management made a public perception perception operation. IZBAN management, only started to work in 2010, married and a worker with a child with 2 salary, social rights, premiums, bonuses and minimum subsistence reduction announced by adding. While very few workers could benefit from these fees, İZBAN management did not explain the nude fees and all wage scales.


On the other hand, a message was made to break the strike by sending a message to the workers. The difference between the numbers indicated in the messages and the figures in the table is high. In addition, İZBAN, in his statement of the union arising from the damage caused by the union. In the statement of IZBAN, the following statements are given ver We would like to know that; This attitude of the union gives great harm to our colleague and institution, especially to İzmir. We would like to express our gratitude to the people of Izmir with the belief that they will evaluate these figures, the negotiations and the uncompromising side in the best way İzmir.

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