Iron, shopkeepers but tram is needed

Demir, Tradesmen are victims, but a tram is needed: CHP Provincial Chairman Cengiz Sarıbay, Provincial Women's Branch Chairman Sevim Korkmaz Pekyörür and Provincial Board Members visited Kocaeli Tradesmen Bail Cooperative President Faruk Demir in his office.
CHP Provincial Chairman Cengiz Sarıbay, "After the tram works, our shopkeepers situation has become awful," he said.
While the visit at Kocaeli Tradesmen Bail Cooperative was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, the problems and solutions to problems of Izmit tradesmen were discussed during the visit. Referring to the problems of Izmit tradesmen during the visit, CHP Provincial Chairman Cengiz Saribay said, “Our Kocaeli Tradesmen and Surety Cooperative is doing very positive works for the tradesmen of our city. I am someone who knows the studies closely. However, when we look at the situation of our tradesmen, especially after the tram works that started in the city center, the situation of our tradesmen has turned into terrible. In this sense, our citizens who work as tradesmen on the tram route are seriously victimized. "I think our Cooperative President Faruk Demir has a lot of work to end this grievance as soon as possible."
Kocaeli Tradesmen and Surety Cooperative President Faruk Demir made the following statements in his speech: “Of course, our tradesmen have problems. But believe me, the problems of our tradesmen are less than in the past. We have tradesmen who are victimized by the tramway works, but you will appreciate that this city definitely needs a tram project. In this sense, we do our best to support our victim tradesmen. On the other hand, it should be said that we collected most of the 110 million aid we gave to tradesmen as a cooperative from our tradesmen. We currently have a receivable of approximately 2 million from the tradesmen. These figures show that our tradesmen are in good conditions. "

Günceleme: 12/12/2018 18:15

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