İDO and BUDO cancel all domestic sea bus services

IDO and BUDO canceled all domestic sea bus services: Istanbul sea buses (IDO) and BUDO announced that all domestic sea bus services were canceled due to the weather opposition, due to the effective lodos in Maramara.

Sea transportation continues to be adversely affected due to the strong storm that has been effective in Istanbul and Marmara for 2 days. While IDO announced that it has canceled all its flights, BUDO announced that it has canceled many sea bus services.

Domestic Sea Buses CANCELLATION

Istanbul residents who started the day with strong lodos will not be able to use the sea buses this morning to go to work. While cancellations continue to come due to the storm that affected sea transportation, IDO announced that it has canceled all its flights.

The cancellation statement was made by IDO in the early hours of the morning. In the statement of IDO, “All our domestic sea bus services have been canceled due to bad weather conditions. It was said.

BUDU expeditions canceled!

Bursa Sea Bus Operations in the morning Burulaş Bursa Transportation Public Transportation Management Tourism San. And Tic. Inc.

On 08.11.2016 07:00, Bursa (Mudanya) - Istanbul (Kabataş), Istanbul on 08:00 (Kabataş) - Bursa (Mudanya) expedition, Bursa (Mudanya) - Istanbul (Büyükçekmece) flight at 08:30, Bursa (Mudanya) - Istanbul (Kabataş), Bursa (Mudanya) - Armutlu (İhlas) expedition at 09:00, Armutlu (İhlas) - Istanbul (Kabataş), the Istanbul (Büyükçekmece) - Bursa (Mudanya) expedition at 10:30, and the Istanbul (Kabataş) - Bursa (Mudanya) flight was canceled due to bad weather.



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