HondaJetten World Speed ​​Record

HondaJetten World Speed ​​Record: Honda, which produces solutions for the aerospace industry under the name of Honda Aircraft Company outside the land and marine industry, has set a world speed record in two of the most intense four aviation routes of the US with HondaJet. HondaJet, the 1.000 completed a long distance in less than three hours. Both records are awaiting approval from the International Aviation Federation as a world record.
Honda delivered and delivered the first HondaJet delivery at April 2016 under the AERO 2016. Honda Jet, which started its flights after the delivery, is known with its speed record. With HondaJet, New Jersey has set a speed record on two different routes, from Teterboro to Florida Fort Lauderdale and from Massachusetts Boston to Florida Palm Beach.
The records will be handed over to the Honda Aircraft Company by the United States National Aviation Association during the Civil Aviation Congress and Exhibition organized by the National Civil Aviation in Orlando, Florida.
HondaJet 9 took off from Teterboro, New Jersey at 2016 on April 14.15 and landed at 16.06 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The HondaJet was thus completing the 960 hour 43 minutes by flying the 2 mile distance at 51 thousand-foot altitude. Against the wind in the direction of the wind from the 60 knots and the flight took place under high temperature HondaJet 396 knots (456 mi / h, 734 km / h) average speed and 414 knots (478 mi / h, 769 km / h) has reached its maximum speed.
19 on the 2016 on July 07.18 at the 09.16 on August 1.060 The new HondaJet flew to Palm Beach at 2. So the HondaJet 58 has completed the mileage of the 30 hours in 385 minutes. Opposite direction blowing from the 443 knots in the wind against a successful flight performs HondaJet 713 knots (422 mi / h, 486 km / h) average speed and 782 knots (XNUMX mi / h, XNUMX km / h) has reached its maximum speed.
, We chose some of the busiest airports with the most popular routes to prove that HondaJet can drive customers faster than any other light jets, en said Michimasa Fujino, President and CEO of Honda Aircraft Company. The HondaJet offers an innovative design with a wing mounted motor. With this record, we have confirmed the contribution of the design in question to the performance and fuel efficiency. Bu

The records approved by the US National Aviation Association are expected to be approved as a World Record by the International Aviation Federation in Switzerland. On both flights HondaJet was flown by pilots Peter Kriegler and Glenn Gonzales.

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