General manager resigned after the train accident in Iran

General Manager of Iran Railways Muhsinpur Sayyid Agayi, I am sorry for the painful incident that happened during the official resignation of the railways. said.

After Muhsinpur Seyyid Agayi's resignation, it was reported that a no-confidence motion was prepared in the parliament for the dismissal of the Minister of Road and Urban Planning, Abbas Ahundi.

In a program he attended on Iranian state television, Agayi, the General Manager of Railways, stated that he submitted his resignation saying, “The executives have to take responsibility for the events taking place.

As it is known, 40 was killed in a train accident on Friday at Heft Khan Shahrud train station in the province of Simnan. 4 people, including the driver, have been detained since the beginning of the investigation process initiated after the accident.

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