Kabasakal And Shaumbra Light Rail System Imagination

Bluto And Şambayad the LRT dream: Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Huseyin Oral, Turkey Şambayadı they strive to be arranged so as to be an example and light rail in the future to Bluto district said he wanted to be taken of the system.

The second session of the Adana Metropolitan Municipality was held in November.
Speaking at the meeting President said, Cukurova Şambayadı connected to the town and said they were trying to be an example for the regulation of Bluto in Turkey.

Şambayadi and Kabasakal region that draws attention to the population of the President of the President Oral, in later times the light rail system to be taken to these areas and 3 thousand people, such as the establishment of an amphitheater, expressed his wishes and thoughts.

Speaking about the wishes of the members of the Assembly, the President Sözlü called for cooperation in order to create a region that will be worthy of the city, enviable and will give reputation to Adana Metropolitan Municipality Council.

Günceleme: 12/12/2018 18:19

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