Kartepeye fell first snow of the year

Kartepeye fell the first year of the year: Meteoerology air temperatures after a sudden drop in the warnings of the first snow of the year fell to Kartepe, Kocaeli's ski resort.

The first snow of the year fell to Kocaeli after the cold weather with its impact in the Marmara Region. Snowfall started in the morning hours of Kocaeli's ski resort Kartepe'yı white.

Located between the major ski resorts of Turkey Kartepe, with heavy snowfall season is set to open early. After heavy snowfall started in the morning, the roads that came to Kartepe ski resort were covered by white cover. Approximately 15 centimeter thickness of the snow covered roads, vehicles to prevent the difficulty of salting work continues at intervals.

Food and Beverage Manager Dursun Deniz, who stated that there was a rainfall in Kartepe, which was the first snowfall in December last year, said, ın The season will be above our expectations. For now, our reservations are going well. Good evening will be a good season. Our hotel zone has reached the thickness of snow 15 centimeters. Last year our winter season was not good. Our 3 moon was our ski season. This year we expect the season to be around 5 months. The occupancy rate at the moment is around 30, Şu he said.