ESHOT budget is 746 million TL

ESHOT budget was 746 million TL: 2017 budget of ESHOT General Directorate was accepted as 746 million TL. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, who responded to the criticism of the institution, paid 600 million TL for discounted and free transportation. that they are missing income, if not ESHOT about 250 million pounds will go to profit, he said. Mayor Kocaoglu, "This money remains for me, I spend all of this money in need of families to transport," he said.

The 2015 Financial Year Performance Program and Income-Expense Budget prepared within the framework of the 2019-2017 Strategic Plan of ESHOT, which undertakes the bulk of the mass transportation load in İzmir, was submitted to the approval of the Metropolitan Municipality Council. While the Performance Program and the budget were accepted by the majority of the members of the council, ESHOT's 2017 expenditure budget was announced as 746 million 459 thousand TL and the income budget was announced as 611 million 847 thousand TL.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu started his speech at the Assembly by thanking the ESHOT officers who worked devotedly during the İZBAN strike. Stating that the criticism that ESHOT could not carry passengers during the strike was not true, Mayor Kocaoğlu said that the ESHOT family was mobilized in order to compensate for the deficiency of the system that carried 280 thousand passengers a day. Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that electric buses will be put into service in February and March 2017; Touching on the difficulties of public buses in Ankara and Istanbul in traffic and passengers, he said, “When you go to these two cities, if you travel by public buses, you will experience this practically. There is no public bus in Izmir; this is a great success. ”

“If I have this money ..“

Mayor Kocaoğlu said that ESHOT has an estimated income of 390 million liras, that he should pay 746 million liras with buses and other investments and 350 million TL. said it was open. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor stated that the student discount should be covered by the Ministry of National Education, the disability discount by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, and the money for those who board free passes, said, “The cost of the 65-year-old card is 90 million TL. If ESHOT does not make these discounts in today's tariff, it is 250 million TL. makes profit. But this money comes from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. If this money remains with us, I spend 250 million liras for the transportation of families in need. ”

In Water of social benefit fay

Underlining that ESHOT will make a profit when it receives the money it carries for free, Mayor Kocaoğlu continued his speech as follows:

“There is an injustice here. I've been saying it all along. Who do we carry? Who gets on the bus? We carry our spouses and children who go to school, who work on our buses, the majority of whom receive minimum wage or above. When IZBAN strikes, the number of people over 65 who benefit from public transportation has dropped. We do not say 'do not move over 65' but this has to have an account and a book. The social benefit is also out of water. Everyone will pay for the product they use and consume. The state is like this. There is no state to let him win the game. If the government wants to help over 65 years of age, it gives it as a toll. ESHOT knows its budget and makes its budget accordingly. If I am a lawmaker, I know how to give those people that money, how to reduce its cost. ”

”ESHOT good friend“

Providing information to the council members about the ESHOT budget, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Dr. Sırrı Aydoğan is 218 million TL from student cards, 6 million 354 thousand from teacher cards and 60 million TL from 14 years old cards with the decision of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council. He said that they received missing money and that these moneys entered the citizens' pocket. Aydoğan pointed out that this figure has increased with the decision taken by the government due to the free boarding of citizens aged 65 and over, 90 million from the police and the press cards with the transfer, and said, “ESHOT makes profit if it takes these moneys. If there is a 2 million lira difference between the expense and income budget of ESHOT, this is not a waste. Half of religion is fair. You will put your hand on your conscience. ESHOT is a proven child of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Even in developed countries, there is subsidy in transportation. ”

“Environmental” investments from ESHOT

ESHOT, which will continue its efforts to provide a better quality and more environmentally friendly transportation service in 2017, will allocate a significant portion of its budget to the purchase of electric buses. 2017 29 XNUMX XNUMX will be invested in March. The ESHOT General Directorate will create new garages at different points in the city for buses, and will add new ones to the service units where buses are maintained and repaired and modernize their existing service units.

In order to respond more quickly to the needs of the strengthened bus fleet, and to accelerate the maintenance and repair work, ESHOT General Directorate is establishing a new maintenance and repair workshop in Buca Adapepe besides the maintenance and repair workshops in Gediz.

Renovation of workshops and service units in the center of Buca Gediz, Çiğli Garage Service Facility, Karşıyaka Soğukkuyu Workshop and Garage Facilities and İnciraltı Service Units are among the prominent investments in construction, maintenance and repair. Another important investment that ESHOT will sign next year will be the establishment of a solar power plant to meet the electricity needs of the institution. The use of the solar system at the stops is also among the important works.

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