Edirne-Istanbul High Speed ​​Line will be opened in 2020

Edirne-Istanbul High Speed ​​Line will be opened in 2020: Minister of Labor and Social Security Mehmet Müezzinoğlu said, Çalışma The future of Edirne is tourism and investment is required Tren. Stating that a job should be asked before the Minister Müezzinoğlu, "the heart of the human, the shovel finds," he referred.

Edirne with no ties, and in December will come to Edirne, indicating that the Minister of Labor and Social Security Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, Edirne should be invested in the field of tourism, he said. The Minister also made a statement about the Karaagac Bridge and High Speed ​​Train Müezzinoğlu, Edirne also evaluated the political agenda.

Admittedly, it is not correct for Edirne, which is adjacent to the two countries, to make tourism investments only in historical places. In Edirne is the city that has been the capital of the Ottoman Empire and carries the culture of the Ottoman Empire. For this reason, this work is not only to introduce historical works. Culture needs to be handled as a whole. Food culture, traditions and customs. All of them must be kept alive and presented to future tourists. However, the development of health tourism in Edirne is required. The infrastructure is ready for this. Of course, most importantly, civil society organizations need to take serious steps. Health Tourism can spread throughout the Balkans. Not only health tourism, Edirne with all kinds of issues, especially civil society organizations, everyone should be under the stone and make Edirne a center of attraction. I've said the priority for that. 'The heart of the human shovel finds'' he said.

Minister Müezzinoğlu stated that Edirne should be done with overnight tourism instead of unity tourism. There is infrastructure in Edirne, but somehow night tourism could not be implemented. Non-governmental organizations, artisans and municipalities should come together to produce projects on this issue and to show what tourists expect. Sivil


Minister Müezzinoğlu stated that he was in a difficult situation due to the inability to open the Karaağaç Bridge at the time and was unable to fulfill his promise. Bridge and connection roads were awarded separately and two contractors undertook the work. Of course, so there was a delay. I promised, but not on time. I talked to the authorities, and by the end of December if the bridge was opened to traffic, I said that I would come to the opening. Now the work has accelerated and the bridge will be opened to traffic before the New Year. Şimdi

Minister Müezzinoğlu stated that the tender will be made within the year of 2017 and said, içinde The tender will be held in 2017 and HalkalıWe are aiming to finalize the section after 3 at the latest. This period may be even shorter if there is no problem in expropriations. With the arrival of the high-speed train, interest in Edirne will increase. Of course, the Edirnelis should be prepared already. Nel


Edirne, which will come in December, stating that Minister Müezzinoğlu, although the elections will be held in normal time every day should be studied as if the election, he said. Minister Müezzinoğlu stated that he will come to Edirne in December and watch the works of his party on the spot and say ini Let's decide then m and he signaled to be more active.

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