Turkey financier Asset Fund was officially established giant projects

Giant project financier Asset Fund was officially established in Turkey: Turkey Welfare Fund, which will provide resources to Turkey's giant projects, with commodities-based tools to make the purchase and sale of real estate CERTIFICATE

Turkey Assets Fund (TVF), the channel until the third Istanbul airport in Turkey to remove all mega eliminate the financing problems faced by projects. With Turkey Assets Fund, Canal Istanbul, the third airport in Istanbul, Istanbul big three-storey tunnel, high-speed train, will facilitate the access to finance large projects such as nuclear power plants. The fund will borrow from domestic and international markets to fund mega projects that will open new business opportunities for thousands of people.


For this, the fund will buy and sell capital market instruments based on commodities, lease and real estate certificates. In addition to infrastructure investments, the fund, which will enable projects such as oil, natural gas and renewable energy to accelerate, will also pave the way for domestic companies operating in areas such as defense, aviation, software, and pharmaceuticals. Companies, with the support of Turkey and some capital projects in these areas will become a global power. Turkey AŞ Asset Management Fund determines the structure and principles for the functioning of the Cabinet decision, published in Official Gazette enacted. Accordingly, the company will be able to cooperate with national and international organizations within the framework of its activities. The company, with confidence enhancing steps target markets, domestic and shares of foreign companies in Turkey and the shares belonging to issuers established abroad and debt instruments of precious metals and commodity-based export capital market instruments, fund shares of the derivative vehicles, lease certificates, real estate certificates, specially designed foreign investment vehicles and other vehicles.


The Company will base its interests on objective good faith, diligence and prudence on the interests of the funds it has established and managed while conducting its activities. The necessary units for the company and the funds will be created by the decision of the board of directors. An investment committee will be established for each sub-fund to be established under the TVF. There will be at least one board member, general manager and a portfolio manager in the investment committees. In addition, individuals who comply with the investment strategy of the relevant sub-fund within or outside the company may also be assigned to the investment committees.


The resources of the TVF will consist of the surplus income, resources and assets at the disposal of public institutions among the assets that are under the scope and program of the privatization and decided to be transferred to the TVF by the Privatization High Council, and the cash surplus to be transferred from the Privatization Fund to the TVF. In addition, financing and resources obtained from domestic and international capital and money markets and other financing methods will be among the resources. TVF will be able to provide financing and resources from all kinds of domestic and foreign capital and money markets without seeking permits and approvals within the scope of the relevant legislation.


The main sources of income of the company will consist of incomes arising from the utilization of the company's capital, fees collected from funds and portfolios, income from other activities of the company and other income. The 3-year strategic investment plan, covering the company and its affiliates, TVF and the sub-funds to be established within this fund, will be prepared by the board of directors and presented to the Council of Ministers. The company will announce the annual activity reports of itself and TVF on its website. The content of these reports will be determined by the board of directors.


The third airport project in Istanbul will be realized with an investment of 3 billion dollars. At the airport, the first phase of which has a capacity of 12 million passengers per year, will be opened in 90, and the total capacity will reach 2018 million. The project, which will bring 150 billion dollars to the state's coffers in 25 years, will also open a job for thousands of people. Published in the Official Gazette of the Turkey Welfare Fund mega projects and the acceleration of the elimination of the source of the problem will be effective. The headquarters of the fund will be located in Istanbul.


The company, which will be able to carry out money market transactions, real estate and the evaluation of intangible rights based on real estate, will be able to carry out all kinds of commercial and financial activities by project development, providing external project loans and obtaining resources by other methods. The company will be able to participate in investments to be made by other states or foreign companies in international areas with national investments. These actions by the company or its subsidiaries Turkey Assets Fund (TVF) or can be performed in tvf'y connected via sub-funds. The company, whose headquarters will be in Istanbul, will be able to establish branches, representative offices, liaison offices and establish agencies in Turkey and abroad with the decision of the board of directors.



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