DERITEKS member workers support visit to İZBAN strike

DERİTEKS member workers' visit to İZBAN's strike: The support of İZBAN strike 5. On the day of support visits to workers continue. Today workers visited DERİTEKS member workers.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, which is a partnership with İZBAN, is a strike that starts from a dispute in the negotiations with TIS 5. On the day of the visit, support workers from the unions, political parties and mass organizations came to the strike workers throughout the day.

DERİTEKS member workers affiliated to Türk İş were first visited İZBAN workers. Workers from Deriform, Leather 2000, Olive Leather and SepICIler Leather, where the union was organized, held solidarity. Leather workers meeting in front of Alsancak Station, 'İZBAN Workers Will Never Walk Alone' banner, and 'İZBAN Workers Are Not Alone', 'No Liberation, Alone or Together, None of Us',' Long Live Our Honest Struggle ',' Long Live Class Solidarity 'and' Workers' Union Capital ' He walked instead of a strike with the slogan 'Will Defeat'.


Speaking on behalf of the workers here, DERİTEKS İzmir Branch President Makum Alagöz emphasized the importance of solidarity and said, “We, as DERİTEKS, support your dignified struggle until the end. We are the ones who know very well how valuable labor is. Our struggle has always been through strikes and resistance. Capital has no religion, faith or policy. All unions have a duty to make this strike go further. Our support will not only be limited here, but our workers from all over Izmir will tell your citizens about your righteous struggle. You rightly want the value of your efforts. Mayor Kocaoğlu says that if the desired raise is given, the balances will deteriorate. What imbalance is mentioned due to 1600's rise to 2000, it is not possible to understand this. We are with you in this righteous struggle until the end. They should not force the workers to take to the streets. ”

The People's Bridge Association, the Freedom and Solidarity Party, the Communist Party and the People's Houses and many Izmir workers have visited the strike and expressed their support.

Günceleme: 12/12/2018 18:26

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