Delican Speaks about the İZBAN Crisis

Delican Spoke about İZBAN Crisis: AK Party Izmir Provincial Mayor Bülent Delican stated that he had negotiations with the parties on the 5th day of the İZBAN strike, but that Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu responded negatively to the request for a meeting and said, “If I had been a partner with the plague?” said.

AK Party İzmir Provincial President Bülent Delican made a statement regarding the strike of İZBAN workers. Mayor Delican said, “I initiated a meeting with the parties to end the İZBAN crisis as soon as possible. I met with İZBAN General Manager, TCDD Regional Manager, Yol-İş Union representatives and workers. Finally, I asked Mr. Kocaoğlu to meet face to face. However, by answering this request by phone, he said, "I have given a 15 percent hike on the subject İZBAN, I will not meet on this matter". I also said that my request for a meeting on such an important issue was quite natural and that I was calling on behalf of my Izmir citizens. For some reason, I had a great discomfort with respect and kindness with the interlocutors of the subject, and for some reason, my negotiations focused on consensus. With all my sincerity I went to listen to the workers and their representatives and went alone. I looked for a formula. I also never shared the phone call I made with the public. Unfortunately, I am not the one to explain our one-to-one conversation by distorting it. If he will question ethics, he will question the rules of statesmanship and diplomacy in this respect. I just called for reconciliation and dialogue. I worried about the people, this is my duty. As I said, if I would make the subject political material, I would have been talking everywhere for 5 days, I would have been raining criticism because of its inconsistencies. ”

“Looking for a bad guy for the crisis”

Delican said, “Aziz Bey, who is unaware of the meetings held for 5 months, is trying to throw the ball he took on the day of the strike. A bad guy is looking for an issue that has become the ordeal of hundreds of thousands of Izmirians and a crisis he cannot manage. He said that he will not be a spectator to the crisis suffered by the people, and that he will continue to act responsibly by not participating in this plague.

“Let the İZBAN solve the crisis first”

Delican, on the subject of President Kocaoğlu's comments about himself, said, “I will never spoil my style. He knows very well that I am exhibiting ethical behavior, state and political manners and discipline according to his rules. Let us solve the İZBAN crisis, which they have grown and drifted into a stalemate. This crisis has two components. The first is lack of dialogue, and the second is wage injustice. For a mayor, it is very grave to have learned the union's request from the newspaper in a collective agreement that reaches an indefinite strike decision. First, open the channels of dialogue towards him. Nobody is an item or a robot, it is valuable to talk and touch. Instead of stubbornness, hardening and looking for a scapegoat, let's focus on the solution of the problem. "Calculate how many times the rate that workers wanted was lost during the strike instead of standing and resisting."

“This is not a horse market or a wrestling square”

Stating that transportation is the first problem even in the polls conducted by the municipality, Delican said: “The collusion of contract and bleeding has now been added to the transportation gangrene. The workforce keeps the system afloat; workers are not avenger. This is not a horse market or a wrestling square. There is always a formula that everyone will be happy with. He can never blame me as the party who broke the bargain for calling for dialogue. But this depends on intent and perspective. Mr. Kocaoğlu has exceeded his limit with the question of collective agreement directed to me. I'm not his bureaucrat. Neither me nor the people who own this city work in his company. Here, you should stop seeing our citizens of Izmir as company employees. We are not bargaining materials. Collective bargaining is not done by having the Izmirians suffer, squeezing the worker in the corner. Look at the contract he has not done for 100 months, as he will boast of 6 collective agreements. ”

“I leave it to the appreciation of the people of Izmir”

Delican stated that he could not remain indifferent to the picture that emerged, “Unfortunately, the situation is so grave that I cannot sit at my desk and watch it. If I am a party, I am a party to the people living this suffering. I am the side of this city, the side of labor. Where they have come since June 6 is the workers' decision to strike indefinitely and the fact that our people have been on the road for days. Buses overflowing with their doors, stacked stops, triple trips. In this case; As a representative of the ruling party in Izmir, what could be as natural as I want to know where the problem is blocked and listen to the parties? Should I ignore an ordeal that is not clear how long it will continue? Then would I be a good and moral statesman, a politician? Is a politician who is indifferent to the biggest crisis on the agenda of the city where he lives and is in charge is making the mistake; Or is it a local manager who has closed all the doors of dialogue and deciphered his phone call? I leave this at the discretion of the people of Izmir. ”

“Lose too much, heavy bill”

Emphasizing that everyone lost in his statement, AK Party İzmir Provincial President Bülent Delican concluded his words as follows: “The invoice of this question is very heavy. All sides are losing. People are losing, workers are losing, Izmir is losing. This crisis has nothing to lose. İZBAN, carrying 350-400 thousand passengers a day; The loss in the 5-day strike is at least 1 million 250 thousand pounds. The annual rate of increase required by the workers is not even half of the total loss of 5 days. I get phone and message rain from our citizens. Everyone wants their victimization to come to an end. On the other hand, someone wants that; Let Bülent Delican get up from his chair, not get involved in anything, plug his ears. That kind of politics and politician's transfer has long passed. If we were solution oriented in the sale of village goods, in the EIA report of the Gulf, in the garbage problem of İzmir, in urban transformation, we would have the same attitude here. Nobody should act for us. Whatever makes Izmir lose, the problem will be almost there, I will be. Especially if they expect me to be plagued in a crisis like İZBAN that is overflowing and prospering, they will wait more. We approach every local or general problem of Izmir with sensitivity and at a solution point. This approach would have spoiled Kocaoğlu's heart badly, accusing me of confusing the city. We are also followers of the İZBAN crisis. This follow-up should not disturb anyone.

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