5th chair lift to Davraz

5th chairlift to Davraz: The tender for the construction of the 2th chairlift line, which is 100 thousand 1500 meters long, with a capacity of 5 people per hour, has been launched to the Davraz Mountain Culture and Tourism Protection and Development Region in Isparta.

The 5th Chairlift Line tender to Davraz Mountain Culture and Tourism Protection and Development Region will be held on 22 November. 8.5 million lira of the grant is ready, and other parts of the investment are still being prepared. The new line, which is 2 thousand 100 meters long, is planned to have a capacity of 1500 people per hour.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Committee, Ak Party Isparta Deputy Süreyya Sadi Bilgiç reminded that the name of 'Davraz Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center' affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has been changed to 'Isparta Davraz Mountain Culture and Tourism Protection and Development Region'. Bilgiç said that according to the decision published in the Official Gazette dated October 6, Davraz will benefit from the 5th Regional Incentive System, and investments in new accommodation facilities will gain momentum in 2017.

Bilgiç said:

“Davraz Environmental Plan Revision Plan came into effect on 31 March 2015. Subsequently, the 1/5000 and 1/1000 scale development plan was approved on 24 August 2015. Within the framework of these plans, tourism facility area, 4 day facility area, mosque, management center, gymnasium, official institution area, recreation areas, outdoor sports facilities, green area and pond area have been gained. The Special Administration Zoning Directorate in these areas has finished its preparations for the implementation of the zoning with the authorization from the ministry. As a result of the zoning application to be made during the year, the deeds of the parcels will be issued. Both private and public investments will gain momentum in 3. ”

Noting that there is also an artificial control project with automatic control system in 2017 investment plan, Bilgiç emphasized that a pond of 40 thousand cubic meters will be built for the project. Stating that the total cost of both projects will be 15 million TL, Bilgiç said that 2 million grown saplings will be planted for the afforestation of the region, and the 23-kilometer road providing access to Davraz will be covered with hot asphalt next season.