Dangerous journey through the cable car

Dangerous journey with the cable car: Hizen with the help of wand wandering in Muradiye town of the 67-year-old Marifet Yıldırım walking with the wand 62-year-old Yuksel Storm, the road to their homes, known as the Varangel and 100 meters in the region reaches the height of the primitive cable car.

Marifet Yildis living in the neighborhood of Muradiye town of Yesilere with the stool Yuksel Fırtına, years ago, had to walk back and forth with the help of a wand. Women living in the same house, but after the surgery, about a distance of about 800 meters on the road to the house of women who have difficulty in getting out and down the path began to seek cure. Marifet Yildirim and Yuksel Storm, to reach the house 150 meter length and about 100 meter high passed the ropeway was built.


Marifet Yıldırım, who explained that they had been forced to go home after the surgery with their staffs on the normal road, stated that they were too afraid to go home and they were very scared and said, ük Let us have a way or a rugged cable car.

They're gonna get us out of this. We're so scared. A lot of danger, but no way. What shall we do? I have to go up and down my eyes, erken says Yuksel Fırtına about his 6 times. We have to go to and from the ropeway. Some of our neighbors don't give land for the road. As such, the road cannot be built. Our power is certain. Our house is here. I'm praying when I go down. Let them hear our voice, help them. Ses

On the other hand, Marifet Yildirim's wife also received treatment at the hospital said.

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