YOLDER conveys problems to the competent union for the JCC Meeting

YOLDER conveyed the problems to the competent union for the JCC Meeting: YOLDER, 2016 reported the problems of the personnel working in the provincial offices of the Department of Road to the authorized union to be included on the agenda at the Institution Administrative Board Meeting to be held in November. YOLDER, who discussed the problems of our members working in all levels, stated their requests to Can Cankesen, Chairman of the General Directorate of Transport Officers.


The problems arising from the numerical and qualitative deficiencies of the protective materials that our members who carry out the road construction, maintenance and repair works in the very dangerous works class at every level to protect them from the negative consequences of the work hazards are increasing.

In the 6 article of the Regulation on the Use of Personal Protective Materials in the Workplace; all personal protective equipment shall be designed and manufactured in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations, and shall be suitable to the conditions in the workplace, which shall be appropriate to the conditions in the workplace, and shall be in accordance with the ergonomic requirements and health of the user; the degree of exposure, the frequency of exposure, the characteristics of each employee's work and personal protective equipment.

In spite of the fact that the personal protective equipment needs of our members who work in Road Maintenance Repair Officer, Road Maintenance Repair Chief, Surgeon and Technician titles have been handled several times in the Authority Administrative Board within the scope of D Clothing Assistance Regulation to be made to TCDD Officials ları, unfortunately the steps to solve the problem have not been taken.

The staff members of our association have recently been unable to wear safety goggles or helmets due to ballast bending, burrs, stone splashes, etc. during grinding operations. 2 of steel toe work shoes are given once a year due to the risk of injury as a result of passing a significant part of the period without protective shoes, work clothes because of the fire affected by the risk of burning, especially during the welding work due to the fact that wool sweaters are not given to employees in the open field colds and so on. they face risks.

Although the workplace supervisors were held accountable for the provision of personal protective equipment to be used by road personnel in accordance with OSH legislation, they were not given any authority to the chief supervisors for their purchase. Tender regulations, provision of funds etc. For some reasons, personal protective equipment and materials are not available in some regions.

In order to solve the problem in a short time, it is necessary to obtain the right to be authorized from the workplace supervisors, otherwise this responsibility should be taken from the chief supervisors.

Cancellation of the Order of the 7 Regional Directorate in the EK


In the a Annex to the Decision Regarding the Increases and Charges Payable to Civil Servants belirlen, which was put into effect by the Council of Ministers, in the Table II, special service compensation rates to be paid to civil servants were determined.

During the 6 of the Technical Services section of the Scale (II), personnel of the Technical Services Class have been paid an additional special service compensation (land compensation) in return for some actual work.

According to the said regulation; offices, workshops, heat power plants, laboratories, facilities (including social facilities), operation, factory and service buildings provided that the outside of the land, construction site, construction, dam, park, garden, mining, open areas of agriculture and livestock application units and roads such as road Special service compensation is paid for the technical personnel in Engineer, technician, technician, and supervisor titles working in open work places and in the supervision services performed in these places.

Our company's road construction, maintenance, repair and renewal services, and the work done by contractors with the technical personnel assigned in the supervision services in terms of working conditions, a reasonable wage policy against the conditions of working conditions, 657 152 of the Civil Servants Law No. XNUMX article "to be paid to civil servants In accordance with the relevant decision, it is a legal obligation to implement it in our Company.

With the last Collective Labor Agreement signed by the authorized union and the Government, the land compensation given to the personnel named Technician, Technician and Engineer is not paid even though they are considered as root titles. According to the corporate titles, the institution must pay the land compensation.


The distinction between the engineers working in the Road Department and the provincial directorates, such as the Bureau Engineer and the Atelye Engineer, reinforces the understanding that they have been wronged in the Office of Engineers, who are mainly employed in supervision services and acceptance commissions. All engineers who are seen as bureau engineers in these units should change their titles as atelier engineer.


Necessary work should be done to pay the ın major project compensation personel issued to the General Staff of the State Officials Serial No. 159.


In the 399 article of the Decree Law No. 33, it is stated that the personnel working on the train will benefit from the free meal / catering service and on this basis it is stated that the personnel who will be employed in the service trains will benefit from the free food / dinner in accordance with the provisions of the regulation on the preparation and traffic of the trains.

However, in order to ensure that the trainers are assigned to train trains as service trainers or in fact train trainers, in order to ensure that train operators receive mileage / hour compensation, no free meals / meals are provided to the road personnel assigned to the freight trains in contradiction with the legislation. The issue must be resolved by the General Directorate order.


105 and 3. 6. XNUMX. XNUMX. No payment is made in the regions. In order to eliminate the different practices among the regions and to avoid the grievances of the personnel, a form / model developed by the Authority will be developed and implemented.


Pursuant to the Law on Civil Servants No. 399 and 657, a Proof of Attorney or equivalent compensation is required to be paid to Road Surveyors acting as Roadside Maintenance Supervisors. In the cases opened due to the resilient attitude of the regions, decisions are made against the Institution and the institution is obliged to take the costs of the proceedings. Nevertheless, problems cannot be overcome due to the fact that the Human Resources and Financial Affairs Departments do not change their illegal articles and orders. In this case, the Institution will face many new cases, will take on unnecessary burdens, and the personnel who cannot find a case for a lawsuit will be deprived of the legal right. An order to be issued in accordance with the legislation will be solved by taking into consideration the court decisions.


The order must be issued in accordance with court decisions.


In the last three years, it has been observed that Road and Gate Control Officers and Line Maintenance Repair Officers conducting TCDD Camps weaken their feelings of alienation and belonging. In order to prevent this, work should be done to take the seminars to the hotels.


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