CHPli Güven responded to Delicanın İZBAN's words

CHPli Trust, responded to the words of Delikaın İZBAN: Republican People's Party Izmir Province President Asuman Ali Güven made statements about the strike that started in İZBAN.

CHP Izmir Provincial Chairman Asuman Ali Guven, the AK Party Bülent Delican'ın location, responded to the strike on İZBAN. Güven, uc Mr. AKP's Provincial Chairman's desire to be included in the subject, is the result of the expectation of political rent. This strike would not have been if the AKP ruled for the Presidency of the Province. Daha Confidence in the statement noted.

IZBAN strike 6 has been going on for days. In this process, it is seen that mutual negotiations and negotiations with the board of directors of İZBAN, which politicians do not intervene, continue and that the citizens of İZBAN have increased with the prolongation of time. IZBAN management is composed of% 50 DDY,% 50 Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and this year it is in the presidency. Therefore, the management weight in achieving the agreement in the termination of this strike is HWV. In addition, these strikes do not come to the fore in the municipalities of Istanbul and Ankara, because the government intervenes and interferes with the strike. When the city of Izmir changes things, the formation of the strike is encouraged. The government announced hikes this month were announced as 3 for the first six months, and 6 for the next 4 month. The increase of 12 in İZBAN was increased to 15 with the efforts of the Municipality.

In his statement, the CHP İzmir Provincial Chairman Asuman Ali Güven also addressed to the employees of İZBAN and the union. Ses In addition, İZBAN employees make public services. In order to prevent damage to the people, he should continue his services partially. If you work during the peak hours of traffic, you will quit or slow down the work during the hours it is decreasing. In doing so, you get both the demand and the public support. If you close the hospital because we strike, the patients die. If you turn off İZBAN, tens of thousands of people who work hard like you cannot go to work. Maybe some of them will lose their jobs or do other damages. You can't provide social support where people are hurt. We expect the union to be more sensitive and careful. İZ

Chairman of the AKP Izmir Provincial President Bülent Delican's political rant from the strike of İZBAN advocates that the confidence u Dear AKP Provincial President's desire to be included in the subject, is the result of the expectation of political rent. If the President of the AKP and Provincial President of the power in the first attempt would not have this strike. At this stage, TCDD officials of the Provincial Chairman of the AKP, the government would not have to do this strike by meeting with the government would have done the task at that time. Clearly, the AKP is seeking to obtain rent through this strike. Now, the wrong perception is created and Aziz KOCAOĞLU and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality are trying to show the responsible person. Aziz KOCAOĞLU has no duties in the Board of Directors of İZBAN. These meetings are conducted by the Board of Directors of İZBAN and the chairman of this management is the representative of TCDD. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has always protected the labor of the people of Izmir and always defended the interests of the people of Izmir. As soon as possible to end the strike, the parties of the union and the union to stop this work and the people of Izmir to reach the easiest and easier access to the CHP Provincial Presidency His wish is dile.

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