BursaRail cheap transportation

BursaRail cheap transportation fee: Bursa's rail public transportation, 'applied to the cheap or expensive' is always debated.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality argues that the system that connects the two sides of the city has reasonable wages according to the other big cities.
A gradual scheduling, which provided the trip cheaply, had been implemented since last year, but it was not known at first among urban residents.
According to the distance traveled ...
Refund is made.
When the BursaRay is taken, 3 from the magnetic card loaded with money. so the longest distance is deducted.
The city does not go from one end of the city to the other end, according to the number of stops traveling, it can go cheaper.
For cheap transportation….
In the descending station, the money-loaded magnetic card must be read into the pay-back machine and, according to the distance, the refund is possible.
Cheapest rate, 1. In the case of using 6 stations and up to XNUMX stations.
Other 2. The number of stations covering the stage was implemented as 15 and was taken to 17 with a new decision.
Full charge is available for 17 station post. Those who will go to the other end of the city constitute the whole of this scope.
By the way…
According to the new schedule on the agenda, the charge is 1. 1,90 instead of 2,20 for the tap, 2. 2,25 TL and 2,60 instead of 3 for tap. As 2,50 instead of 2,80, it is on the table.

Source: Serkan Ä ° NCEOÄ LU â € “ www.bursahakimiyet.com.t is



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