Metropolitan and TCDD continue to be the victims of Izmir

Metropolitan and TCDD continue to be the victims of Izmir: The strike started in IZBAN 5. The fact that the bureaucrats had not yet called the union on the table as they entered the day still continue to cause the victims of Izmir.

110 is the strike that started due to the dispute between the İzmir and Aliağa and Torbalı towns. day with full participation. When the operators, station operators, box office workers and maintenance workers are on strike, the voyages in İZBAN stop completely in Torbalı and Çiğli, while Aliağa and Çiğli are carried out by the workers working in the subcontractor company.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu wanted to increase the wages of union members in a way that would be sufficient to live in a collective bargaining agreement between TCDD and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. demand 'the balance of the top of the country,' he rejected the bottom line. He said the percentage of the 15 hike is above good, not to exceed this rate. Kocaoglu, as a solution, increased bus and ferry service and urged the people of İzmir to v get out early Koca.

Strike-watchers at the İZBAN General Directorate in Çiğli and Menemen, Karşıyaka, Halkapınar, Alsancak, Şirinyer, ESBAŞ and Cumaovası stations. While the workers were experiencing support visits every day, Çiğli people came to support the wait in front of İZBAN General Directorate in Çiğli İstasyonaltı neighborhood last night. Many Çiğlili, who came to strike, expressed their support for the workers. The workers continue to call for support from Izmir.



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