Approved IETT 2017ye ready

Ready for IETT 2017 Approved Budget: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council approved the 2.9 IETT budget of 2017 billion submitted by IETT General Manager Arif Emecen.

IETT General Manager Arif Emecen, who made a presentation before the vote at the IMM Assembly, said: İ With more than a hundred years of knowledge and experience, IETT, which is considered the lifeblood of Istanbul and shouldered the burden of public transport for years, is the year of IETT. On 146, the 365 clock works without interruption. ”

Emecen expressed that Istanbul is bigger than many countries in Europe and said that they carry Istanbul, the world capital, to the future. Emecen stated that they operate the public institution İETT with the logic of the private sector and continued: şöyle

with Turkey's leading private companies and IBBG (International Bus Benchmarking Group) focusing on different cities 14 benchmarking study with an international platform under the umbrella We are constantly making improvements. We are proud of being an institution that prioritizes innovation and difference. We also produce innovative solutions to improve the quality of service and solve the problems we face.

The mission of IETT is to regulate and supervise public transport services to meet unexplored needs, to play a balancing role in the sector, and to manage knowledge at national and international levels. Our vision is to become the leading organization that makes city life easier, sensitive to the environment and able to manage alternative energy sources. ”

- Young Fleet-
Emecen stated that they have lowered the average age of buses in IETT every year and added, X The 4,5 bus with the average age of 2714 and the 760 line serve in every corner of Istanbul. We also run and supervise the 5804 bus when private businesses are involved. Kul

Emecen stated that the metrobus created a significant relief in the traffic of Istanbul and that the 545 vehicle on the metrobus line served Istanbul residents. “Our first goal is to increase the comfort on the journeys. 52 km With our 45 station, we continue our improvement projects without slowing down. With the Beylidüzü - Silivri and other new metrobus routes, the people of Istanbul will have one more fast and comfortable transportation services ”.

-Smart Stops-
Emecen stated that they have implemented the first smart stop projects at Yıldız Technical University Station and this project is very much appreciated by the citizens. We brought it to 12. We aim to spread our interest smart smart project in all of our districts by our citizens and we started our works. This stop has many features. The concept stops work with solar energy, provide wifi service, and provide charging facilities for electrically disabled cars and phones. Offers ticketmatic, instant notifications. The number of these stops will be increased in the coming period. The average access distance to our stops is 16 meters nüfus The percentage of population that can reach the stops at this distance is 7 percent yüzde

Turkey Excellence Award- -EFQM
İETT European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) that implements excellence model 5 years and Emecen explaining that they collect the fruit thereof, İETT last year that received the EFQM Turkey Excellence Award this year at the European Excellence Awards, held in Italy "Customers Added Value “In the category of isinde Achievement Award söyl. Emecen continued: “We also have certified 11 quality standards. ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 50001 Energy Management Standards are just a few of them. I want to talk about another project that proves the quality of IETT and attracts the attention of transportation experts and city managers both at home and abroad. All of our buses are equipped with smart vehicles. It is monitored by GPS, monitored by internal and external cameras, offers internet and usb charging, and shows vehicle occupancy rates. ”

- Akyolbil and MOBİETT-
Emecen explained that İETT has made the lives of Istanbulites easier by following the latest technology and making use of the newest applications. Emecen also stated that they can make instant arrangements of lines, voyages with this project which provides the opportunity to monitor bus, line and voyage densities. “We can perform sudden intervention in extraordinary situations. We manage this system from our Fleet Management Center. MOBİETT 3.6, which is a return of our instant tracking system, is used by millions of people. With this application, close to 2 million queries per day. In Istanbul, where 10 million foreign tourists visit each year, 12 foreign language support, especially “English” and “Arabic için, was provided for the tourists to use the application easily. In the new version of MOBİETT, an alarm system has been developed in line with the demands of visually impaired passengers. The feature allows the alarm to sound at the desired time and time before the bus arrives. "

-Black box-
He also said that IETT started to use the black box system used in airplanes and that they followed the buses in the most effective way.

“The purpose of Karakutu project is to ensure effective monitoring and control of buses. With this project, 48 raw data such as fuel consumption, distance traveled, periodic maintenance and fault management of our buses will be taken. After application; fuel savings, reduction in the number of accidents, reduction in emissions. The application has started with the 520 bus and will spread to the entire fleet. 1. The defective behavior of the 680 driver in the phase was detected; % 7,3 fuel savings,% 21,4 accidents, and% 4 emissions. With Karakutu, the performance of our drivers will be measured with data and individual trainings will be planned by understanding which driver needs which training. You will appreciate that this project is an important threshold for public transport. ”

Emecen stated that they would implement an application called iBeacon in order to inform the passengers and gave the following details about the application.

· We will send notifications to our passengers on the bus.

· We will provide voice messages to our visually impaired passengers via their smart phones near the stop announcements and their arrival.

· We plan to develop navigation software that will enable a visually impaired passenger to enter the station without assistance from anyone thanks to the ibeacon to be placed at the stops.

· We will ensure that visually impaired passengers are informed on which line the bus arrives on their mobile phones.

· We will ensure that the line and route change information is sent to the passenger waiting at the stop instantly.

General Manager Emecen said that they carry out a series of activities in order to motivate İETT employees and they attach great importance to education in this context. 6 thousand employees, especially the drivers, underlined that they underwent training in effective communication skills, crisis management, communication with passengers, anger control, corporate image, cleaning and protection of buses.

- Serving All Segments -
Emecen stated that İETT has adopted the principle of serving all segments of the society and that they carry out toplu public transportation accessible for all için activities for our disabled citizens and said: buluy We find it right to conduct these studies especially in consultation with non-governmental organizations. Within the framework of these works we conduct with the Metropolitan Municipality, we are continuing our efforts to identify the needs of disabled citizens and to make our services accessible to them. We have adapted all our buses, garages and service buildings for disabled access. In this context, I would like to announce here that there is a disabled people coordination in order to solve the problems of disabled citizens. ”

Emecen emphasized that the electric buses to be purchased in 2017 will also be used on the historical peninsula. “It is planned that the current service will be provided by 100% 200 bus after the operation. In the project where Edirnekapı is planned as a transfer center, new buses will have all the smart vehicle equipment. ” Emecen also 2017'de the budget allocated to all bus purchases 1 billion 110 million 996 thousand pounds, in total, they planned to purchase 725 buses. At the end of his presentation, 2017 shared the following figures regarding the IETT budget and thanked Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş for providing them with all kinds of support.

After the speeches, IETT's 2017 budget was accepted with 142 acceptance and 49 rejection vote.

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