Business class application in Chinese subway

Business class application in Chinese subway: As an alternative to public transportation in China, 'business class' wagon application was launched in the subway. The application, which provides more comfortable travel to the preferred passengers, has caused controversy.

While some of the passengers are in danger of being crushed inside the wagons, those who prefer Business Class travel on the seats that are mostly vacant. In China, the population of which is close to 1.5 billion, the metro is among the most used public transportation vehicles.

There are two different scenes during the busiest hours of the day on the subway line in Shenzhen, south of China. While most passengers travel in normal wagons, passengers traveling in Business Class wagons travel comfortably by sitting in soft seats.

There are special machines for the sale of Business Class tickets in Metro stations. The only ticket with a fee of 6 yuan is sold at the 3 price of the regular ticket. Some passengers find the charges expensive, but some say the fare is reasonable. Business class passengers who take their tickets to the private waiting point.

8 from the 2 car in the subway sets is divided into business class. Most passengers find these luxury applications both unfair and unnecessary in public transport. While most seats in the business district are empty, passengers who are forced to travel in the next car will react to this situation.

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