Traffic on Istanbul Street for Tramway Work in Bursa

Traffic arrangement in Istanbul Street due to Tramway Work in Bursa: While returning to the terminal from TOFAŞ signaling junction is canceled within the scope of the Kent Square - Terminal T2 tram line construction in Bursa, vehicles coming from Bursa direction will be able to enter the bus terminal using Demirtaş Terminal Junction.

While construction works continue on the T2 tram line, which is designed between Bursa Kent Meydani and the Terminal, some regulations are brought to the traffic flow. Due to the wreck to be made in front of TOFAŞ, due to the bored excavations, the exit from Bursa is 3 lanes and the arrival to the city center is 2 lanes.

However, while returning from Tofaş signalized junction to the terminal is canceled, vehicles coming from Bursa direction will be able to return from Demirtaş Terminal Junction and enter the Bus terminal.

With the UKOME Board decision, this arrangement will last for 12 months.



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