The cable car logo of Beşikdüzü was identified

The cable car logo of Besikduzu was determined: The cable car logo of Besikduzu was determined.

The story of the logo comes from a myth that belongs entirely to Besikdagi. Here is the legend that brings out the logo: tells the story of a family. The peasant family, who decided to emigrate at the time when it was important, had nine sons. But one of them was only a week old. They had to leave some of their belongings in the woods when they were leaving the place where they had to stop. After a while, they realized they had forgotten the little boy there.

Then, in the new plateau, not long after, eight of her sons got sick and died. After that, the family decided to return to the village and see the dead of their children in the forest as they passed through the forest. But; where they forgot the child. A little while ago, they saw a goat, and the boy was with him. They found that they were overweight. They took the child back to the village, but the goat never let up on them and always followed them. No peasant managed to fire him. Then she came up with the idea of ​​testing her mind about her relationship with the goat and the boy. She left him every day in a crib on the head of a mountain, watching your goat feed him. He continued this way until the child grew up. After the child grew up, the goat disappeared. The mother left the cradle at the beginning of the mountain and this mountain was named as.

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