Minister Arslan, from China to Europe will become a very important corridor

Minister Arslan, from China to Europe will become a very important corridor: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, 1915 said that there is an extraordinary interest in the Çanakkale Bridge, Deniz Baku-Tbilisi-Kars with China in the load movement from China is very important we will become a corridor. bir
Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, 2, organized by the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK). She participated in Istanbul Public-Private Partnership Summit. Beside the Minister Arslan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of DEİK, Ömer Cihad Vardan, Deputy Minister of Economy Fatih Metin, and public and private sector officials attended the summit. Minister Ahmet Arslan gave a speech at the summit and stated that they started the Eurasian Tunnel from Anatolia to facilitate the life of Istanbul and Istanbul, especially to protect the historical peninsula and to reduce the negative effects on it. Minister Arslan said, lık The Eurasian Tunnel may not be too high as the price now comes 1 billion 275 million dollar project small. We were interested in such big projects that the numbers that are bigger for other countries are common to us. Especially telling, the historical peninsula is important not only for us but for the world. This project is very important in order to reduce the negative impact of the vehicles on the historical peninsula, especially greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide. It will be the first in the world when the sea passes under the 106 meter. Hopefully this year, 20 will be launched in December, İn he said.
Var 1915 has an extraordinary interest in Canakkale Bridge “
Minister Arslan stated that they will do public and private-private cooperation as a complement to the main corridor and added, ı We are going to make the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge which will connect Europe and Asia again in Çanakkale in the near future. We're gonna get 26 offerings in January. We will open the time of the companies we found technically sufficient race. We started selling the documents, there's an extraordinary interest. The big contractors all over the world want to do this job. We're not content with this. We are going to make a tender today to make the Ankara-Niğde highway project of the corridor that will connect the capital of our country to the Mediterranean with the public-private cooperation. Aydın-Denizli, which is the continuation of the İzmir-Aydın highway, which will connect the Aegean of our country towards Central Anatolia and the Central Mediterranean, will be coming soon. İzmir-Nemrut-Aliağa is also coming soon to connect İzmir with the motorway towards the largest port of our country. Ankara to connect with the highways towards the east of our country and the Ankara-Delice highway to extend the corridor, '' he said.
”We will become a very important corridor from China to Europe“
Minister Arslan said that Marmaray was not meaningful alone. This is the 2 prestige project of our country, which provides a continuous transportation from Marmaray to London. We are not satisfied with this, because Marmaray will mainly serve the urban transportation. It will only serve freight transportation during the night. If we are talking about such a geography, we will bring this burden to this geography, we knew that we should not be content with this. That's why we planned the rail system on Yavuz Sultan Selim (YSS) Bridge at the same time, YSS is the world's largest bridge with 59 meter width. I hope that the rail system over Akyazı'dan HalkalıBy linking up the East-West corridor to a second corridor with a rail system. Together with Baku-Tbilisi-Kars, we will become a very important corridor in China. We'll play the middle hall. Orta
”In each 2 project we planted 400 million trees against the 5 bin tree“
“While all these large projects have been criticized by the environmentalists,“ said Minister Arslan. Ci The reason why the Eurasian project has been revealed is the environmentalism of the 1. To protect the surroundings of the historical peninsula. 3 in Istanbul again. We built the airport and built the YSS Bridge. Each 2 project also has 380 bin, say, 400 bin, where we have to cut or replace the tree. We had to cut or replace a part of the 400 bin tree. This is done by the General Directorate of Forestry, which is not our expert. These trees can be cut, they can be changed and live. 400 thousand trees are very important. However, the tree we planted against the 400 bin tree is about 2 million in every 5 project so far. We will plant over 2 million trees in the 9 project. We will plant about 20 fold trees. Experts take out the calculators and tell us, 'No wrong, 20 is not solid 24 or 25 fold'. We keep the environmental sensitivity at a very high level in all projects. Leave all this aside, when the road and vehicle quality is low, while stop-and-go, loss of time and fuel, greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide emissions, if you think about, modern roads with divided roads, high-speed trains (YHT), modern marine savings are environmentalism itself . We are making life easier for our people, reducing the negative impact of these types of transport to the environment, so that you should have environmentalism, İn he said.
Minister Arslan was presented with a plaque by the President of the DEIK. Then he was taken a souvenir photo with the participants of the summit.



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