Ataturk is a leader in the hearts of the railway

Ataturk was a leader who won the hearts of railwaymen: the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, eternity being referred to was commemorated with a ceremony held in 78 years.

TCDD General Manager to commemoration ceremony held in TCDD Conference Hall İsa Apaydın, Assistant General Managers and employees attended. The ceremony started with a minute of silence and reading the National Anthem at 9.05.

Speaking at the ceremony İsa ApaydınHe said that they came together to commemorate Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in the 78th year of his departure from us, and they remember him with mercy and gratitude.

Pointing out that Atatürk is not a statesman who only commands the army on the front, struggles for independence and establishes the Republic, Apaydın stated that he was a leader in the hearts of railroads, who instructed Atatürk to weave the country through iron nets, which came out of famine and absence from the National Struggle.

Apaydın continued his words as follows:
“Believing that independence can only be achieved by economic independence and economic independence by rail, Atatürk regarded the railway construction that he started with the motto“ a little too much shimmer ”as“ national violence, national existence, national independence issue ”. With this country, the construction of approximately 3 thousand km of railroads has been accomplished in the years from the foundation of the Republic to the death of Gazi, mostly in our northern and eastern regions, where there are harsh geographical conditions. ”

”Our railways are living their golden age“
Stating that the construction of the railroads slowed down after the death of the railway lover Ataturk, he came to a halt for half a century since the 1950s, Apaydın stated that the railways have been accepted as a state policy again since 2003 and they have lived in their golden age in XNUMX.

Apaydın stated that the roads that have not been touched for 100-150 years have been renewed, the towing and towing vehicles have been modernized, logistics centers have been established, high-speed train operations have been established in our Ankara, Istanbul, Konya and Eskişehir lines, and modern passenger transportation has been carried out with DMU sets between cities, Istanbul, Izmir and He noted that projects for suburban transportation in Ankara are produced in metro standard.

High-speed, fast and conventional railway construction, the establishment of logistics centers, making lines electric and signaling, 80 YHT set supplying the project continues to work as a set of Apaydın said:

“By 100, which is the 2023th anniversary of the foundation of our republic, we want to have the biggest share in reaching the contemporary civilization level by completing our projects. However, if we reach this goal, we are deemed to have fulfilled our duties properly against our country entrusted to us and our nation waiting for service from us. With these thoughts, I once again commemorate Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who came to eternity, with mercy and gratitude. Rest in peace.

The commemoration ceremony ended with the screening of the movie “Railway Lover Atatürk” prepared by the Press and Public Relations Consultancy.



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