Ordu Boztepe Cable Car Maintenance Works Completed

Ordu Boztepe Cable Car Maintenance Works Completed: A subsidiary of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality ORBEL A.Ş. The second stage maintenance work has been completed within the scope of the ap 22 bin 500 Operating Hour Maintenance land of the cable car operated by the driver. The 13 2016 XNUMX will begin serving again from Sunday.

The first stage maintenance works of the cable car, which provides easy access to Boztepe, the touristic area of ​​Ordu, were made at 18-22 April 2016 and the second stage maintenance process started on 17 October 2016. 1 November 13 will be at the service of citizens starting from Sunday as the cable car which offers access to Boztepe in a short time and comfort after the works lasting approximately 2016 months. As a result of regular maintenance work, visitors who use the ropeway will make their journey safer.

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