Ankara YHT Station was in yellow navy colors

Ankara YHT Station embraced yellow-blue colors: Ankaragücü meeting with fans, 19-1461 was defeated by 6 Trabzon at 2 Mayıs Stadium

Sports Toto 2. League Red Group MKE Ankaragücü, 19 May Stadium 1461-6 2 was defeated. Last season, Amedspor match due to the events of the penalty Ankaragücü, 200 after the day 1462 Trabzon match met with supporters. Amedspor played with the match in the protocol and the other tribunes of events due to the abusive manifestation of the 2 match Ankaragücü'in 3 match was given to play without spectators in the match. The end of the punishment of Ankaragücü and the meeting with his supporters, doping effect on the capital team. All the fan groups organized their seats in the seats. All the tribunes were full. Enthusiasm floated outside the stadium. Sports Toto 2. Last week, Etimesgut Belediyespor'u 2-1 Besiktas won the match by defeating Ankaragücü, supporters of the back of the support of a historical score 1461 Trabzon 6-2 was defeated. Leader Gümüşhanespor'la the second rank in the average with the average Ankaragücü, with this score, the difference in the average with the 27 points took the leadership again took the seat.

YHT Station is also yellow-navy
Ankaragücü'nın almost resurrected after the match the streets of the capital, Ankaragücü fans were overflowing. The enthusiasm flowed. The Ankara YHT Station, which opened to new service, accompanied this enthusiasm. The lights of the YHT Station were painted in yellow navy colors. Fans took a tour of the streets of Ankara with flags. Ankaragüçlüler living with the team's excitement to meet again in the stadium, 1461 Trabzon won victory against them and enjoyed re-leadership.


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