Ankara YHT Railway Stationers Revolt

Ankara YHT Station Taksiciler revolted: Gar Taxi Stop taxi drivers, the new YHT station was not allocated to them in the front of the garage and the pretext of criminal penalties for the operation of Ankara Public Carers and Drivers Tradesmen Chamber held a protest in front.

After the opening of the new High Speed ​​Train Station, they were not allowed to take passengers from the front of the new station. The taxi drivers who reacted to the room management with slogans said, çözül If our victimization is not resolved, we will be our bread. Oda The crowd, which had closed Mareşal Fevzi Çakmak Street, which had entered Beşevler Crossroad for a while, proceeded to the new YHT Station on Celal Bayar Boulevard in case of a convoy. Speaking at YSG Station officials on behalf of the 100 taxi driver working at the station, the stopper, Mehmet Savaş said, “Despite the fact that we made the protocols, the police were punished by our fellow police officers who took passengers before the new YHT Station. TCDD is demanding money from us that we cannot pay for us to work around the gar as before. 50 was made unable to do the yearly stop work, X he said. The war continued:


In After the new High Speed ​​Rail Station was opened, our current stop was far away from the point where the passengers were intensely entering, so we lost the vast majority of our customers. Although we have the necessary protocols for passenger transport with the companies building the new bus, traffic policemen are paying 200 TL penalty for our friends who want to take passengers in front of the station. The money we earn is only enough to pay the fines we eat. About 2 thousand people eat bread with their families are at this stop.


In the old garda 50 year that the state did not demand money from us, we served without problems. State Railways (TCDD) is demanding 105 thousand TL for us to work in the new place as before. We cannot afford this with our current earnings. Ankara Public Carers and Drivers Tradesmen Chamber did not announce our voice, they want to run our 10 vehicle stop. Already in the current situation, the earnings of trades who do not make money will fall even more. Victimization began with the new garla. Here we speak to our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and our Mayor Melih Gökçek: 'In the new garda we want to serve 50 as it is, help us.'

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