Aladağ Ski Center Works in Progress

Aladağ Ski Center Studies Continues: Konya's Derbent District Mayor Hamdi Acar, after the tender of Derbent Aladağ Winter Tourism Feasibility Report Preparation was made by Konya Metropolitan Municipality, he made examinations in Aladağ with the team that won the tender.

The company official who carried out the construction of the Aladağ facility, Mehmet Enterceoğlu, said that they will continue the work quickly and make the first stage ready for service in the 2017 winter season. Explaining that Aladağ has the characteristics of a sports complex together with winter sports, Edinceoğlu said, “It is possible to do many activities such as skiing facilities, accommodation and hospitality areas, mountain biking, mountaineering, offroad, horse riding with the cable car and chair lift. We make our preparations accordingly. "It will be an important tourism center that will appeal to its guests every month of the year."

Drawing attention to the fact that Derbent is an important center of attraction with its nature, Architect Hakkı Şahan said, “We think that the facilities we will build together with Derbent will add an important value to Konya and even to our country. I hope we will make the project, which will include an artificial snow production facility, ready for the next winter with legal processes. In the first stage, there will be a beginner training track and a normal track with the cable car and chair lift. There will also be accommodation, restaurants and shopping centers. "There will be a difficult ski track on the southern front of Aladağ, that is, on the village of Mülayim."

"We are planning winter festivals with the realization of the Aladağ project"

Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar, on the other hand, accelerated the project on which they had been working for a long time, with the Metropolitan Municipality's tender for the Preparation of Feasibility Report. kazanDrawing attention to the fact that he was in the business, he said, “We would like to thank our Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Tahir Akyürek, and related friends for his sensitivity. We believe that the project will progress faster from now on. With the realization of the Aladağ project, which will add significant value to Konya tourism, we are planning Winter Festivals here. In addition, there will be an area where football clubs can camp. The training needs will also be met with football fields," he said.

Stating that Derbent is suitable for many sports, Murat Kamışdere, Head of Mounted Archery Club, said, “We are very pleased that there will be facilities to meet the needs of horseback archery, our horse sport, among the facilities to be built in such a nature. I hope Derbent Aladağ will be a complete sports center with skiing ”.

After the explanations, the delegation headed by Eğlenceoğlu conducted a survey of the land from the summit. While mountain climbing team was running the hiking trail, mountain bikers made the route determination study. Paragliders also stated that they can do sports in the region by measuring the wind.

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