Adana wants to get rid of the metro load

adana metro map
adana metro map

Adana wants to get rid of the metro load: The Adana Metro (Light Rail System), the first step of which was taken by Adana Metropolitan Municipality in 1988 for the construction of 15 million dollars with a foreign-guaranteed treasury loan in the past, was transferred to the Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications. requested.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality, which took the first step for its construction in 1988 and took long years to take service with the expropriation, demolition and construction works of the buildings on the route, started to carry ticket passengers on May 14, 2010.

In addition to the 533 kilometer metro built in 13.5 million dollars with an external treasury guaranteed loan, the cost of the second stage line project which will be extended to Balcalı, which has a length of 10.3 and is planned to be constructed, is determined as 274 million 300 thousand dollars.

However, due to the financial possibilities of Adana Metropolitan Municipality and 40 percent of İller Bank's share was cut to the loan debt and interest of the subway, it was not possible to start the second phase studies.

While President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was the Prime Minister, he was asked to fulfill his promise on the transfer of the debt of the subway to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, and the completion of the second stage, while Adana Metropolitan Municipality's 40% subway debt deduction made every month from the Iller Bank share. It is stated that he will stay in the city for new services such as infrastructure, street, bridge and landscaping.

“The instruction of our president solves the issue”

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Hüseyin Sözlü, metro-related expectations of every sector, he said.
"If our President has made a promise when he was Prime Minister, he continues his sincerity to fulfill him," said Sözlü.

“Our President is waiting for the appropriate climate and time in this regard. But there is a suitable climate and time for us and for the people of Adana. We would like to make our voice heard once more from here. I think Adana has equal conditions and rights at the point of right, law and justice and among other metropolitan provinces. This has to be done in the name of justice and law. Mr. President promised when he was prime minister, but now he is like a president. An instruction and sign on this matter will solve the issue. ”

Adana deputy Tümer, called for

CHP Adana Deputy Zülfikar İnönü Tümer reminded that the people of Adana are waiting for the end of the sub-ordeal, and reminded that President Erdoğan promised the transfer of the subway to the ministry and completion of the second stage in Uğur Mumcu Square in 2011 during his Prime Ministry.

Emphasizing that the people of Adana want this promise to be fulfilled, Tümer said, “We do not say that your Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım's word of“ finishing the subways in Ankara with lightning speed ”. However, the Adana people should not be treated as foster children. Based on the principle of continuity in the state, we expect that Mr. President's promise to the Adana people will be fulfilled by Mr. Yıldırım. ”

Kaya: “Adana should be freed from debt swamp”

Chamber of Civil Engineers Adana Branch President H. Çağdaş Kaya said that one of the first criteria in the development of a city is the metro.

Adana Metro construction began with the financing problem, the route continues with the wrong and heavy debt burden told about the finished Rock, said:

“The metro, which crushes the municipality under debt burden, even debts unborn children. As in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Konya, the operation of the Adana Light Rail system should be taken over by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, and it should be saved from the debt swamp caused by the Adana light rail system. One of our indispensable aspects of Adana's development is the Transportation Master Plan. With the route improvements to be made within this master plan, the light rail system will work more profitably and will serve the people of Adana better.

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